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Make over completed : Part 1

While we were planning for the study room makeover, I got an idea for another make over. Just a small one at one part of the hall. I silently willed myself to do it without informing the big guy because I knew he would disapprove. Either that, or he would tell me to do it myself.

So what's the point of telling, right?

Anyway, we have two rattan chairs placed at the balcony, which have become the target of the birds to tenggek and poop. They've become so discolored and dirty in less than one year. So I decided to varnish them and keep it in the house instead. And add a side table that we haven't been using in between. There's this one area near the main door where I thought looks empty and incomplete. It has a mirror hung on the wall, under the wall light. And nothing else. So I thought of placing the chairs and table there.

I managed to complete the makeover in just one day. A huge pat on the back for myself!


Please excuse the computer table near the door, that's supposed to be in the study room, where the painting still in progress. Hence, the mess.


The best thing for the makeover is, we didn't spend a dime on it. Oh well, maybe less than RM10 for the varnish. But the rest of the things are all the stuffs that had been lying around the house, unused. Perhaps we might want to buy two cushions for the chair, but that's it. Who says you can't make over your house with minimum budget?

I just did! And so could you!


  1. ha ah la...mmg cantik dan jimat pulak tu...syabas bettey...hihihi

  2. Sweett.....
    Bole jadi tempat dating..sangat cantik..yess..its sangat sangat love love it... :-) tabik spring lah Bai..

    So Amin..tolong laa beli cushion as what she wanted as the credit given to the makeover was tip top high.. :-D

  3. wow... well done.. *tepuk tangan*
    rajin you.. dari jauh nampak real pulak madonna lily tu.. lawa...

  4. bai..u varnish the chairs tuh sorang2 ka?..bravooooooo

  5. Salam perkenalan.... wow bestnya ubahsuai rumah sendiri.... I suka jugak... tapi xterbuat sampai sekarang.. heheh... I link u kat my blob ye.. thanks

  6. wahhhh...
    jemattttsss :)

  7. cantiklah....sepadan kerusi tu ngan bunga tu..

  8. kancilbiru : yang penting jimat! hehe

    lady : ahhhh...that's why we all loveeee SSF flowers, don't we? nampak real! hiks

    watie : yessssss!! sampai sakit2 badan haha

    mummu nana : best tau! try lah. :-) and thanks for linking

    sz mass : jimattttttttttt sangat! hehe

    hanim : yaka? thanks

  9. imma : hahaha...tnggu lah lepas raya kalau ada orang mai rumah duduk tak sedap atas kerusi tu kot baru encik amin nanti pi beli. haha

  10. OK Bai..kami laa nanti pi sana pastu saja2 perangat amin kan kata kerusi tuh kena boh kusyen..baru sedapppp..ngeh ngeh ngeh..

    Tp actually rattan pon bess gak buat duduk kann...legend gituuu... ;-)



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