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Huwaaaaaa!!! Awat bilik ni jadi Colors of Ranjoli sangat?!?

The painting of the study room walls is still in progress.The big guy is all out in making my dream a reality. kinda differ from what I had in my dream actually, but well, will tell you all about it in a while.
Mr. Increadible HULK!


It was such a rare occasions that the big guy will request for me to order a takeout. And since it's a rare occasions, it felt extra sedap though it was only McDonalds. Kena cat rumah selalu lah macam nih. Hehe.

Makan lahap macam tak makan seminggu.

Last night after the big guy was done painting three out of four walls, we lepak in the room for a while. Suddenly I realized...OMIGOD!!! The room is FLUORESCENT in color! My-goodness-how-are-we-suppose-to-lepak-in-the room-after-this-when-it-is-a-known-fact-that-fluorescent-colors-kills-your-brain-cells-I-hope-I-won't-die-of-brain-cells-depletion-omigod-omigod!!!

Seriously, we had hoped for a bright ambient for the room, but not THIS bright! The color really looked good on the catalog, but ermmmmm...I can't really say if I like it or not when it has been painted on our walls.

Then much to the big guy's annoyance, I started to complain that he should've agreed with me on the turquoise paint instead. Or perhaps we should've settled on the apple green one. Before I could complain any further, he started to lecture me then. What is done is done, said the big boss. Just try to make the best of it! Ok fine fine FINEEEEE!!! Inhaleeeeeeeeeeeee.....exhaleeeeeeeeeeee!

Ok, now I guess we need to plan on covering the wall with frames as much as we could to minimize the killing-brain-cells effect!


  1. ihikss..ayat chenta kena tukar bulb/lamp save energy tuh! :))

  2. wah nampak fresh jugak apple green...

  3. hahaa, irfan cute gila makan nugget sambil tgk somewhere lepastu gelak! cute cute cuteeeeeee! geram!. hehee

    yeahh, what is done is done. :) tp cantik jgk colour tu dlm picture ni. kalau pakai furniture colour cream mesti cantik. ;)

  4. dulu skolah pun konon x berani guna fluorescent paper, etc. tapi guna gak highlighter segala... pandai jugak kan? dont worry la

  5. last time i read i a mags somewhere, color kuning boleh menimbulkan rasa lapar.mesti tuan tumah nanti byk makan.hehehe?

    p/s: umah i color light purple, but still i yang memang suka makan banyak.=).es teler tu minuman yg sedap fm indon.made from avocado.

  6. add thick curtains and yeah use dim lights .... confirm will work one ... my hall wall tu kan slightly brighter but after we added the curtains ... walllaaaaaaa!!! problem solved ^_^ ...

  7. ..ahahaha..harap-harap-frames-suma-boleh-menjadi penyelamat-akak-sekeluarga-dari-ancaman-bilik-membunuh-sel-otak....ahahahhaha

  8. dear...we had the same problem last time at my 2nd room umah condo ari tuh...but we managed to natural the room with thick curtains, dim lights n add lots of white frames n also ikea's white furniture..

    so apa lagik..buat new proposal to get new budget frm ur hubster..En Amin sila bersedia!

  9. ok jer tgk kuning..ceria gitu..mgkin kalu kene langsir yg match mgkin warna cat tu nmpak x terang sgt...



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