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I won some cash prize! Weehooo!


Says who a SAHM can't generate income on her own? I definitely can! I believe that, as long as you persevere, there will be rezeki from Allah dari sumber yang tak disangka, that's for sure. I came across this online research project from BabyIbu blog (thanks Yana!) last month, and thought I would give it a try. Since it's an online survey, so I know I'd be able to do it for the whole week. 

What was the survey all about? 

Research Project: Uncovering the voices of young, Malaysian Malay Housewives

Many products and services do not meet the real needs of the new generation of Malaysian Malay housewives. Too many stereotypes, their unique voice needs to be heard!

We are choosing a mix of 15 Malaysian Malay housewives (with kids) under the age of 35 to form a panel.

That's basically what it was all about. They setup a private blog for us and we were given 4 sets of questions each day for 7 days. We just had to pour our heart in it and answer them as best as we could. Yerp, it was that easy. But during that week, there were quite a number of events going on from my side of family. I had to cancel attending my nephew's cukur jambul event as I needed to complete the survey on time. But I did met little Zikri the day before the event, and a couple of times after that. So I hope that compensated  my absence during the cukur jambul event.

Anyway, it turned out to be worth it though, as my blog has been chosen as the best blog! Tak sia-sia I spent so much time on the blog, and won a cash prize amounting to almost 1k! ALMOST, but not quite. Alhamdulillah. Still I'm one happy lady! I get to give a little bit of money to my parents after so long! And I will get to treat myself, the big guy and the small guy with MY OWN MONEY. How fun is that?!?

Thanks to YouthAsia for the opportunity. Hope they will have more research projects for us in the near future.


  1. wahhh tahniah.....rezeki yang tidak disangka...syukur..

  2. wah! Bestnyer! Tahniah.. :)

  3. wah.. tahniah.. usaha dan pengorbanan yang tidak sia sia... syokkk arrrrr. . rejeki.. rejeki,...

  4. Wow, almost 1k...byk tu. Congrats drama mama (^_^)

  5. congrats....jgn lupa reserved some amount of ur money to me...kata nak belanja ikan bakaq kan? kan? kan?

  6. weahoooo banyakk tuuu.. kalah income nuffnang ni. cayalah bai ;)

  7. congrats dear!tak sangka, byk tu u dpt.best3.kene rajin lagi ye lps ni, entry u ni pasti SAHM teruja kan :)

  8. syoknya... nnt i blk penang, buleh belanja nasi dalca.hehehe

    i aritu menang rm400 je, utk contest dugro.

  9. wow!! best2.. congrats and enjoy with ur money~ hehe..

  10. Alhamdulillah..itu namanya rezeki..

  11. wow bestnyerrr...bleh soping raye ;-)

  12. Wahhh.....!!!! duit raya..patut laa tak sabaq2 nak shopping raya dahh...Anyway..congrates Bai.. :-)

    El-Mondo Pizza bila plak..lama dah tunggu n ngidam nih..heeeeee...

  13. congrats... like ur blog... IKHLAS

  14. all I can say is "You deserve it!!!" ... congrats drama mama ... best giler get to splurge on your family after all that effort pun in =) ... enjoy!!! ^_^

  15. isabelle : rm400 ok gak tu! nanti ada lagi gitau k i nak masuk. hehe. haaa jom pi kassim mustapha!

    zulaikha : yerp i sure will. hehe

    azmiemas : betul. rezeki, thanks Allah. :-)

    iefa : bole la beli sikit2 kot. hiks

    imma : oh shopping raya courtesy of incik amin!! weeeeeeee! nak shopping rayaaaaaa!

    haa kami dok tunggu gak time cikgu dapat duit ribu2 aritu ingat nak belanja kami elmondo, takdak apa pon. sob sob sob!

    ezree : thanks a lot!

    papakeechee : truly a blessing!

  16. Kancilbiru : alhamdulillah :-)

    Hanz : sangat bersyukur :-)

    nadnye : a'ah memang best. hiks

    Ely Hasrul : thanks babe!

    Echa : yerp, if u work for it insyaAllah ada rezeki kan. hiks

    fiza : toche! :-)

    iswatie "colours of life" : haaa makyong balik cepat! kalau lambat abeh nanti duit tu. ekekekke

    p!nkerton : hahhh nuffnang ciput ja dapat nih. sob sob

    ct as : thanks kak ct

    sz | m.s.s : hahaha syoknya raya eh! ekekekke

    Nana : yerp, SAHM pun bole generate income :-)

  17. tahniah bai!! hehe rezeki datang je walaupon di rumah :D

  18. wowweee, best nye! congrats bai.. :)
    i pun nasi dalca gak.. heee



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