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Let's just kiss and make up!

In case you're wondering the point of this entry. I just need to post about this so that if the little guy reads the previous post when he becomes a big guy, he could sleep in peace knowing that his  momma had actually made it up to him after what happened.

Gambar harus nostalgic baru penuh drama! Haha!

Looking at the little guy sleeping so soundly and peacefully last night, I felt guilty for being angry with him earlier. So I made a promise to myself that I would bring him to have some fun today at the garden. He was sooooo excited when I asked him "Irfan nak go playground tak?", that it made me feel even guiltier for not spending more time taking him outdoors.

So in the evening, bertemankan basikal cap Tesco dapat free, off we went down to the garden.The little guy was so happy he got to go down that he totally behaved himself throughout the whole one hour we spent in the garden. I love you so strong mwahs!

When he was all done exploring, it was time to go back. He was already too tired to walk. So instead of taking the long way through the main entrance and all, little guy was thinking of a short cut! The big guy tried to help by holding out his hand from the balcony. It was fun looking at the little guy trying to figure out how to go up from there. He tried jumping, asking his mother to throw him into the air towards the lembaga hitam his dad, and all sorts of other stunts yang tak masuk akal! In the end, kena jugak use the conventional way. Naik lift ja! Haha!

Once we were safely inside the house, the big guy asked "WHY NO DINNER ON THE TABLE?!?" Ooooppsss!!! Sorry sweetheart, didn't I tell you that I had to take MC because I had a verrrrrrry bad day yesterday. Hahaha!


  1. comelnye!! today i nk bwk sami tgk movie!!

  2. Hahahahahaaa...
    Comel jaa Irfan..ingat kamu tuu spiderman bole main panjat2 dinding then masuk bangunan..wuakakakaka..

    Tgk laman playground mcm xsabaq nak ber'potluck' bagai..hikhiks...

  3. what a coincidence!!! basikal ur irfan sama ngan my irfan...same colour n design

  4. he's so hem-sem with the new hairdo.

  5. awww that's precious indeed ... semalam I felt guilty as well but since it was late ... I just hang out with him on the bean bag ...

    but u serious rajin ... i kagun @_@

  6. ely : bestnya!!!movie apa tu???

    imma : haaa mai potluck jgn tak mai. :-)

    lieyn : yaka? kitorang dapat free, my hubby's uncle bagi duluuuu. hiks

    isabelle : rambut cacak! macma budak notti!

    papakeechee : bean bag pun bestttttttttt kan! hiks

  7. agree with isabelle!irfan sgt handsome.hehe..sygnye anak kite pon lelaki.hahaha

  8. Salam..

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  9. pasaipa dia suka dok senyum sepesen ja...nampak dua batang gigi...-zonan-



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