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Men and sleep-talk

I don't know if this is the case with every man alive, but it is so with the men in my life. Be it my dad, my husband or even the little son!

All of them talk in their sleep. I always love talking back to the big guy whenever he starts mumbling in his sleep. But there was one night where I had more than enough when both the big and little guy were mumbling nonsense with eyes closed.

One of them, as usual were giving out orders to his subordinates, while the other were preaching (to his mother perhaps) to "BE CAREFUL! BE CAREFUL!". Haha! I guess since we always tell him to be careful all the time, it really got into his head. Sampai terbawak-bawak dalam mimpi.

However, the little guy brought the seriousness of his 'sleep-talking' to another step higher one day.. He was sleeping soundly one evening while I was just just about to eat some pulut kuning given by my aunt. Suddenly he shouted "Irfan nak eattttt!!!!" a couple of times. Eyes-closed. So I looked at him and tried to pat him back to sleep. He still chanted the same mantra though ans so I told him "Ok, let's eat!". The minute I said that, he and jumped out of the couch, sitting cross-legged in front of me. Eyes half-closed.

Dengan rambut kusut-masai, probably termenung wondering "What the heck am I doing sitting up instead of sleeping?!?"

Confirm dia tengah mimpi makan sedap kan. Hahaha!

Anyway, I've heard people say kalau nak korek rahsia orang, have a conversation with them when they are sleep-talking. Betul ka eh????


  1. hahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhaha

    ok i komen pas i benti gelak ek...


  2. ma sist kate...picit ibu jari kaki mase dier ngigau..then ask laa aper u nk ask;///kkekekekk

  3. your other half talks in his sleep? interesting! :>

    my eldest boy pulak selalu tot yet menggingau ni..hemm..maybe sooner ikut jejak langkah abangnyer..ekeke

  4. hehe..apa lagi? korek la citer mrbig guy tu.
    xpe lagi sleep talking, jgn sleep walking dahhhh

  5. betul3!!!!!
    ur not alone bebeh.... hahahaha... my hubby is a sleep talker also... mmg best lah layan... nnt dia akan layan kita cakap blk, so try la babe .... it's fun! :))

  6. my hubby pun perah ckp dlm tido but x la kerap sgt..but pernah dia bg arahan kerja kat staf2 dia.....trus i tanya..then dia jawab lg...

    dulu teringat nenek pun pernah bercakap dlm tido....pakcik boleh pi tanya...apa no ekor..trus nenek marah dlm tido dia tuh

  7. kak bai! this is out of topic, but can u guide me how to go to that ikan bakar place yg u buat post dulu? din or something nama dia. im going to penang on the 26th. mcm best je mkn kat situ.

  8. hehe.. i tak pernah lagi tengok orang sleep talk... teringin gak nak nengok...

  9. time tgh sleep talking tu...
    mintak je apa yu nak..
    make sure record it..
    kalau dia cakap .. Yesss to what yu mintak..
    boleh claim wehhh....

  10. hahaha i kalau afif pon ade gak sekali sekala cam tu..tiba2 meraung dalam tido..kejap jela pastu tido balik..ngigau agaknye.

  11. watie : ok lawak k pakcik hang! hahahhaa

    lea : what's ur email add eh? nanti i email u, which part of penang are you going to stay at?

    lady : iskk...kekadang scary k. tapi kekadang sronok gak haha

    dr. singa : good idea! akan diaplikasikan!

    farah : afif pun eh? budak2 ni main sampai mengigau kan. hiks

  12. elly : hamboi suka ya gelak sungguh2 gitu. hahahahha

    iefa : haaa good tips ni! nanti nak cuba!

    hanz : budak2 ngigau takut gak kan. my brother masa kecik2 penanh ngigau tengah malam cakap "bukak pintu bagi dia masukkkkk! cepattt!takuttt!". omg! i almost shit in my pants k time tu!

    isabelle : harus lah ku korek nih!

    fiza: haa geng la kita eh

  13. my email add is thanks ya!

  14. hahahah.. cutenya irfan.. the other day zahraa talked in her sleep too.. first time ever. she said - zahraa buat.. apa la agaknya yg dia rasa bersalah tu

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  17. alo alo.. jangan le galakkan sangat depa sleep talk.. takut lelama jadi sleep walk..
    nanti u yang susah.. esok pagi 2-2 orang ilang.. p tido kat depan pintu rumah orang lain.. tak ke nyaya.. huuu



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