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The Kapitan Walk - one of Penang's attactions

The reason why I love Penang so much is that each and every little streets here have it's own hidden treasures.

You can find malls everywhere in the whole Malaysia. Just name it, each cities have it's own malls. But the little streets in Penang can't be found elsewhere, trust me. I dare say that you have not experience the true ambiance of Penang if you don't eat at the mamak(s) between the small streets and you never visit the street hawkers di celah-celah lorong. Ever since my dad introduced us to the roti bakar + half-boiled egg at Hutton's Lane, I was simply hooked! And been visiting it with the bf (at that time, now hubby) at every opportunity we had. Roti canai Argyll Road is a must-try  too, though now it's not as good as before. You won't get the best Nasi Kandar in the big infamous restaurants like Kayu or Pelita, instead the hawkers' stalls are the ones you should try.

Recently, there's a new attraction that has caught our eyes. It's called the Kapitan Walk. It's located by the pedestrian walk of the Kapitan Mosque, along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling (formerly known as Pitt Street).

Oh, I won't recommend this place for those of you who only go for designer brands. Because you won't find Prada or LV handbags here. But if you're into knick-knacks and the likes, you might be able to find something you like here. The scarf and shawls sells at a reasonable price. There are also some polo tees and jackets. The big guy was interested in the antiques stuff displayed in one of the hawkers. However, I had to stop him as  I remembered my mom's advice to never, ever buy all those things as you'll never know what other 'things' that might come along with it. Superstitious perhaps, but whatever it is, it still scares me. So sorry hubby, but a firm no!!!!

For me, the thing that really caught my attention here is the all types of nuts and other munchies. For a kaki makan like me, it was like I finally found heaven on earth! Ok tipu sangat dah tu. Taklah heaven, but it was pretty ok. Memang borong habis lah! Hehe.

If you're interested, you can come visit this place on weekends. It's open on Friday night- Sunday night, every week.


  1. ni dkt2 jln kapitan keling yg byk kedai emas menghelip menghelap tu kan? :D

  2. pinkerton : ya betul! kat tempat mami2 membeli barang kemaih meghelip meghelap tuuu! haha

  3. tingin nak makan nasi kandaq kat celah masjid kapitan keling tu.
    tapi tang mana pulak nak park..kalo lalu siang2 buta?

  4. amboih, seronoknya berjalan! :) teringin nak pergi penang. malu betul orang malaysia tak pernah pegi penang. hoho. one day, perhaps. :)

    ya betul! mak pun pernah ckp jangan beli barang2 begitu. even, barang bundle pun saya tak berani nak beli. sbb dulu pernah tgk siri seram kisah benar kat tv3, ckp pasal puaka barang terpakai. OMG, mulut sgt jahat! :P

  5. rindunya dah lama giler i tak ke penang... masa sekolah rendah dulu i pernah pi road walk ke apa ntah nama tempat tu i suka jugak ala2 car boot sale macam2 benda pelik ada im not so sure skrg tempat tu ada lagi ke idak..

  6. if i dtg penang mmg siap la u kena bwk i jalan ceruk sume hehehe.. dulu time zaman anak dara, we all g gangbang wedding. ade le dekat 20 gang laki pompan patu mkn kt ape lane ntah xingat, besh gile ok..ade gerai melayu, mamak n cina tapi yg xpastinye bila tetiba i tingin nk beli sesuatu yg i xtau namanye.. mamat cina tu ckp ' babi.. babi..'

    alamakkk hahahahhahahha

  7. pernah duduk penang almost 9 months back to 2008. tapi tak abeh round pon..hehe...nnt kene jugak tour satu penang. i hope one day i will. masa duk kerja sana takdela terasan nk berjalan abeh satu penang. sekarang baru perasan what i missed. nice blog anw :)

  8. betullah bai.. bila sebut penang, teringat all the food!

  9. hah!! ni la temapt yg aku tak tau pun ada event mcm ni.. hmm i shoudl explore penang more!! great entry bai!!



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