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Where to have nice ikan bakar for lunch in Penang?

While we were on the way to Pesta Buku last Saturday, we stopped by this place in Kepala Batas for a quick lunch. Hubby got to know from a friend about this place with a warning "Sedap tapi mahal sikit lah".

The delicious part is indeed true, but as for the expensive part, I would say it's a reasonable price for that kind of meal. But it definitely won't be our daily santapan or else botak laki haku before he reach 40! Hehe.

Anyway, where did we had lunch? It's at this place called 'Restoran Ikan Bakar Din', in Kepala Batas. Opposite Nasi Kandar Line Clear.

Ok mak ngn anak interframe sat!

Upon crossing over the small bridge we could already feel the heat emanating from all those fires they used to bakar the red and white meat. We were greeted with a sight of huge fishes, shrimps and delicious looking chicken, beef and so on. Kalau ikut nafsu, I would have requested to have one each of the dishes but thank God my rational husband stopped me midway!

 The shrimps cost RM6-RM10 per shrimp. But serious besaq!

So we went to look for a place to sit first. The crowd was so huge it felt like attending kenduri at kampung. People were all over the place, and you barely see empty seats anywhere. We had to standby at any table, waiting for the occupants to finish their lunch so we could have ours.The hubby almost canceled lunch there but because the ikan bakar were beckoning to us already, we waited patiently, albeit the grumbling tummies!

Finally after about 15 minutes of waiting, we got to walloped our lunch. I had to snap pics quickly as the hubster couldn't wait to attack the food already! We chose a  set of the simplest dishes, but it was mouth-watering indeed. The air asam is a MUST! Simply divine. So if any of you happen to visit this place, please don't forget to add the air asam to your dish. And of course don't forget the ulam-ulaman. They've got all sorts of varieties of these daun-daun to choose from!

Siakap bakar - lima bintang!
Air asam - lima belas bintaaaang!!!!
Total amount we paid for the above lunch + milo ais, nescafe ais and teh ais was RM42.00. We had a hard time finishing them off, as the portion was quite huge, even for a kaki makan like the husband. We took off from the restaurant feeling full and satisfied.

If I could use two sentences to describe the food here, it would be :

Gendang gendut tali kecapi,
Kenyang perut senang hati!


  1. hui akak kena cuba ni... tak tahan akak tgk air asam yg 15 bintang tu... he he

  2. akakratu : hahahahaha...serious teramat sedap air asam dia. this comes from someone yang tak pandai buat air asam la ya. hehe

  3. weiii..banyak nyaaa dishesss...banyak ni bayaq tak sampai RM50...wuahh..kira murah laa tuuu...

    WAJIB...saya ulang..WAJIB ajak my Mr Hubby pi serbu nih.. ~wink wink~

  4. imma : yerp. ikan bakar, daging bakar, ulam2 + some kuah2 kosong is less than 50, considered cheap. tapi orang belah sana esp kat kampung (my SIL cthnya) maybe rasa mahai kot becoz they got their seafood at a verrrrrry cheap price. depa dah slalu makan macam ni kat rumah dgn kos yang very low. tu lah untung dok kat kampung. :-)

  5. ikan bakar pak din? where exactly is that? eeee terliur nyer tgk siakap bakar tu. cis cis. nanti i gi penang, mesti nk mkn kat sini.

  6. i pernah mkn dah tang tu.
    ingat balik next week nak mkn ikan bakar gak..tapi xmau pi jauh2. mana yg dekat dgn bm ha?

  7. lea : cuba tengok google map. hahaha. seriously, i'm very baddd at giving directions. :-p

    isabelle : so did u find this place nice? ka kat tempat u ada lagi baekkk punya? kat bm i taktau la tak pernah pi tapi kalau belang island ada la. hehe

  8. Wahhhhh....
    tudung baruuuuuuu!!!!!

  9. I pun penah makan kat sini. Ooo wife I ajak pi ye? Boleh....Dia kena open table la time gaji dia masuk nanti hinshhh hinssshh!!! :p

  10. dr. singa : haha! testing tudung baru k. ;-)

    mfadzil : hahahaha, setuju setuju!! cehh menyibuk plak haku. hiks

  11. nwey its means lawa laaa... kang ingt u slh tafsir lak ..huhu

  12. dh mcm muke ikin i tgk u with the big sunglases :D

  13. iefa : erkkk...ikin tu sapa eh? hehehe. ok boleh lah i feeling2 artis after this hahahaa

  14. huwaaa..mak yong yang nafsu naga dah nangis dah nih..bila nak balik png nihhhhh

  15. sedappp gila tgk ikan bakar & air asam tu!
    cantek aa u pakai tudung tu ;) tu yg skali sarung or inner dia pakai asing eh?



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