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And so it was the best anniversary ever!

So it is our anniversary today. The 3rd anniversary. 3 years back, on this day, we tied the knot.

So last night the hubby was telling the son how nervous he was the same night, 3 years back, trying to etch these words in his memory forever "Aku terima nikahnya ...". But the son preferred to jump on the bed and had fun rather than hearing his old man babbling about his old romance. Haha!

So yesterday evening, I made a last minute decision to surprise the man I love with some anniversary cuppies. Extremely last minute. Thanks to Anne from Liplickin'! who willingly took my order and did her very best with the cuppies. They were not only appealing in look, but in the taste department as well!

And so the son couldn't keep his hands off them. I had a hard time hiding the whole bunch of cuppies from him before his father got back from work. He kept going "Wow! Shedaaapppnya! Mama, pleasheeeee! Irfan nak shikiiiiit!". Haha! Kids, they're like too cute to disappoint, kan? I was thiiiis close to letting him eat one. But I knew one would lead to two, and before I knew it the whole thing would be gone in a blink of an eye. So, sorry dear, but this time I had to say a firm NO! :-)

So later on, the son was happy that he got to blow the candles. See Irfan, good things come to those who are patient. :-)

So the hubster was being his usual unromantic self. He came back home empty-handed, to a pleasant scream of "SURPRISE!!" from his wife and son. When the wife whined, he had the gut to ask what flowers did the wife wanted and went out to get them at the kedai keling tepi jalan. Hahahahaha! Kejiiii okeh!

So the wife requested a sweet treat from the hubster. While they were in the car heading to the nearest mall, the hubster asked "Ice cream Cornetto tak boleh ka?". The wife replied : "Just keep in mind that whatever you say or do tonight, shall be narrated in THE blog, ok". And with that, off we shot to Baskin Robbins for the sweet treat! Hahahaha! Terpaksa menjadi keji to get what I want. :-p

So it was the sweetest anniversary ever, though I could do without the gummy bears, cherries and the much-too-sweet-to-my-liking whipped cream. The 3 sweet years we spent married to each other felt like 3 short days. And at this very moment, I can't help wishing for more and more wonderful years to be spent with these 2 guys I love most.

To the dear hubster : Thank you for being the best husband in the whole wide world. I love you eternally.


  1. happy anniversary.. semoga kebahagiaan berkekalan..

  2. "Just keep in mind that whatever you say or do tonight, shall be narrated in THE blog, ok"
    ahaha ugut.

    happy anniversary. semoga berbahagia selalu :)

  3. dah balik rumah lepas tu keluar balik untuk pergi beli bunga kat kedai keling tepi jalan. OMG, comel gila! huhu.

    happy 3rd anniversary! have an awesome ride yeah this year. semoga kekal bersama dan bahagia di dunia dan di akhirat. :)

    okay, after three years, tak kan tak ada sweet number two? hehe. ;)

  4. so sweet with flower n all that sweet things..
    Happy Anniversary...

  5. happy 3rd anniversary to u both!

  6. awwww sweeeeeeeeet!!! Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!! ^_^

  7. waaa... i suka taktik u yg kata "everything will be narrated in the blog" tu. mmg keji, tapi berkesan..hehe

    happy anniversary, dear;)

  8. happy anniversary Dm..Semoga kekal selamanya..

  9. tahniah on ur anniversary..dah 3 tahun ek!

    semoga berbahagia selalu..cheers!

  10. Hehe, I'm glad you liked the very simple cuppies. If I had the time I could have 'gentel' the roses myself, tapi had to make do with the store bought one la hor?

    Sanggup keluar beli bunga kat kedai keling tepi jalan is considered romantic enough in my book!

  11. hepi anni sis... semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat... the ugutan utk mkn ais krin was sooo cute... he he

  12. ahaks..sweet and really cute moment of anniversary..
    Nappy Anniversary anyway to both of u Amin and Bai..
    Semoga happy selalu smpi ke hujung nyawa.. Aminn..

  13. wakakka i gelak besar baca ugutan keji u towards ur huby tu . btw, hepi 3rd anniversary to both of u ;)

  14. rose : terima kasih banyak2. :-)

    anne : simple yet pleasant. it's really worth it to trust u with the cuppies. thanks a bunch again babe :-)

    ok, what about getting bunga togel without any card of wrapper? still romantic enuff in your book? hahaha

    akak ratu : yeah i always try to be cute with hubster. haha

    imma : thanks for the lovely wish :-)

    yatie : haha nowadays i memang suka ugut menggunakan umpan "I SHALL WRITE THIS IN MY BLOG" hahahaha

  15. Lady of Leisure : thanks sooo much for the wish ya. :-)

    eis : sekali sekala terpaksa guna ugutan. hahahha

    Cinta Madu : hahaha. comel yang keji. beli bunga togel plak tu. ;-) thanks dear. :-) sweet no. 2, tengah di bincangkan. haha

    sz | m.a.s.s : thanks! hope for more years to come. :-)

    nadnye : tu lah. sweetness lies in the eye of the beholder. hehe. thanks. :-)

    kayla : thanks aunty kayla.

    Papakeechee : thanks biras! let's celebrate jom!

    isabelle : sila gunakan taktik yang sama sekiranya keadaan mendesak, hahaha. thanks ffor the wish :-)

    Ella : thanks a bunch dear :-)

  16. suka suka! hepi aniverseri!! lomantik sungguh la amin hahahahahhahahahahhaa

    p/s - kite kawin and beranak lebeh kurang sama tahun ka?

    u know my sista - debi, she wedd exactly one mth after i (eh today la aniveseri dia!) and after boifren(hubby skang) berpeluh2 menghafal akad line suddenly debi's dad said nk nikahkan and he can only converse in english! ha amik ko pak mentua nk ckp english lenjun mamat tuh dok hapal aku terima nikah bahse english wakakakka.. time kat mesjid wilayah perut i ngan yg lein kecut sekecutnye hahahahhahaa

  17. Happy 3rd Anniversary !! :-)

  18. wahhh lame nyer tk bloghoping...termis ur anni..but still can wish aite...heppi 3rd annivesary bai...hopefully happily ever after ;-)

  19. sweetnyaaa.. congratulations!!! hope you both be blessed dunia akhirat ok

  20. happy anniversary bai & hubby! ;) (i know i'm late, sorry)

  21. i hope it's still not too late to wish u happy anniversary !!
    i love reading ur blog.. XOXO



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