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Pesta Buku Pulau Pinang

Thanks to someone who posted the info on my FB,  last Saturday we managed to terjah the Pesta Buku Pulau Pinang held at the Millenium Hall, Kepala Batas, Penang.

We, oh no let me rephrase it, SAYA had fun at the event. Browsing and browsing and picking up books that attracted my attention. And then picked up some more at another section, and realizing that my hands were full, decided to put back the former ones that I picked up. Haha! Yeah, I had such hard times deciding on the best ones to buy for the son. Kalau possible memang nak angkut satu dewan, but  in my case, money does not fall from the sky, you know.

Sadly, there aren't as many books as I had imagined, and the event itself wasn't as big as those I used to go to while I was a kid. I could see that many kids were more interested in the stationery, puzzles, games etc rather than picking up books for their parents to pay for. Perhaps because the books available didn't managed to catch their attention. I'd suggest for the organizer to bring in more books next time.

I managed to grab a handful of books for the son though, and only one for me as stated earlier. Some of the workbooks for preschollers are real cheap, like RM1 per piece! You can bet I almost went crazy looking at those RM1 florescent stickers and siku my way through the crowds to grab Irfan's share of the books!  Perhaps it can be used later when I'm up to the idea of teaching the son heavier stuff.

Can you guess which among those are my fave? Well, you guess right! It's the encyclopedias. They were selling at RM28 per book, the price is such a steal! I just wished they had more in the series.

The encyclopedias are very attractive because they integrated the Winnie the Pooh series cartoon characters in each page. Irfan loves them, and I have fun reading them to him every time.

For less than RM200, we got all those books above plus a paperback for me. Looking at all the hasil rembatan and the price we got them for, I'd say it's worth the ride all the way to the mainland.

Next time, sila buat Pesta Buku kat Island pulak ok!


  1. suka!! good buy bai.. books are always the best thing to buy

  2. nanti open nursery la teach arees to love books like you ^_^


  3. yeah, agree too. books are great investments. bak kata akak aku, biar buku ada sana sini kat dlm rumah. it makes them 'accessible'. abai, u pernah baca haruki murakami's novels?

  4. Zoora : agreed! :-)

    papakeechee : haha, arees is always welcomed in our house ;-)

    kayla : haaa tak pernah dengar. eh wait, pernah kot. u told me about it. haha. the only novel yang u ever read, betul tak?

  5. wahhh pencinta buku like u surelah enjoy habis hehe.. best2.. i dulu suka jugak tapi lately bila dah kerja ni & takde masa nak membaca terus dah tak beli buku huhu :(

  6. pesta buku kat pxtc di KL...
    nampak banyak kepala orang sahaja....

  7. waaaaaaa. i jeles hokey..hehe.. even lom kawen and lom ada kids, i am also a book-for-kids freak huhu..lagi2 kalau ada sale as low as RM1...



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