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Between Kenny Rogers and Nandos

I'm feeling so much better today. Especially after the comforting words I got from you guys and my friends in FB. Thanks for the support!

Last night, demi mengubati hati yang lara, the husband brought me to dine out because I wasn't in the mood to cook. Since we had some business to do in QB, we decided to dine there. We were actually torn between Kenny Rogers or Nandos. I loveeeee KR delicious muffins but I just can't resist the calling of the Peri Peri Chicken!

So Nandos it was. I had my usual 1/4 Extra Hot Peri Peri with Peri Chips and Peri Potato Salad, the same meal for for the big guy with different sidelines and Kiddies Plate for the little guy.

 "Sepinggan pekak ni sepuloh ringgit???", asked the big guy. Haha! Tolonglah jangan cheapskate sangat you! :-p

There was nothing extra-ordinary happened last night. But I just would like to thank that 'someone',  because of her I got to dine out last night.  Sila lah dengki ya someone! Sila. Hahaha! :-p

So just for the sake of  you my readers, I would like to post the question of the day : BETWEEN KENNY ROGERS AND NANDOS, which do you like better?! Cast your afundi now!


  1. both skrg x leh coz waktu sblm preggy....punya bila preggy...dia alah lak kat yg tuh...

  2. Definitely Nandos ! :D

    I'm not sure about other people but I don't really like KR coz I feel like the chicken is "tak masak sangat" ...huhu

  3. afundi KR! haha.. kalau Qbay, tunjuk jusco card, beli muffin 6 dapat 8.. :p

  4. watie : masa preggy irfan aku alah chicken gaks. hehe

    ami : hahhh...sauce dia kecur air liur kan

    anasfadilah : mr.kenny's fan hah! :-)

    shariz : i could never finish KR's chicken. tapi the gravy i like :-)

    are_shie : *terbeliak bijik mata* serious??? wahhh banyaknya u beli muffin dia! hahaha...neway thx 4 d info. kena try beli gak nih. :-)

  5. i prefer ayamas.haha..xde dlm list.
    recently i blogged about chickens too

  6. i suka muffin kat KR tapi i laaaaagi suka Nandos sebab kepedasan dia tu mmg memenuhi citarasa i... i suka their hit peri2... grilled vegies, and mediterranean rice...

  7. will definitely go for nandos!!!!! sodaaaap...
    KR punya chicken kurengggg sikit lerrr

  8. hands down Nandos!! KR portions are too little la and mahal plak tu ... huhuhu ...

    Glad you're feeling better ... hope our sunday date jadi ... lemme know ya ^_^

  9. afundi pakcik janggut country singer!!!
    comel irfan berambut kontot!!!

  10. i suka both!! (depending on moods jugak la)
    kenny- love the muffins & mac & cheese (tp menyampah sbb since naik harga i rasa mahal, ayam makin kecik huh!)
    nandos- bila ngidam nk makan masam2 & love the old style chips :)

  11. wah!!!! u makan yg extra hot.. boleh geng dgn my hubby...hihihihihihi....

    afundi nandos!!!! yeah!!!!!! i mmg suka nandos sgt2 tp KR muffin mmg can't resist... oh!

  12. NANDO's anytime! i really like quarter chicken hot... then kat sini discovered portuguese roll bbq, mcm burger with grilled fillet, onions, peri mayo n salad. kat msia ada x ek? x ingat pulak. uhhh roti dia sedap... and the sauteed onions mmg buat lagi amat sedap! eeiii suka sgt sos peri peri!!! (sorry bai, over excited pulak)

  13. mesti la nando's yang..hehe (tgh gila makan nando' s skang nyeh..hehe

  14. i ske ayam nandos..i ske side dishes if kuar ngan maisarah kiteorg pilih KR sbb ader mufin macaroni etc2...hihihi

    but now both nandos n KR nk muntah tgk...



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