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Cerita 2 hari penuh kalori jahat + perlukah mogok lagi?

These two days has been calorie-laden days.  We had cakes for 2 days in a row. If we were to have another one tomorrow, I swear I would get sugar rush!

One MICKEY cake (agak-agak sapa lah pilih kek ni?) was for the birthday celebration of the nephew, Ali Emran who turned one last week.

The other one was for hubby's farewell dinner at Spice Market, Rasa Sayang Hotel and Resort. But oh, sadly, this piece of cake wasn't shared with me. It was just between hubby and his colleagues. He just totally forgot all about his wife who was standing at the farthest end while devouring a piece of the cake, boleh? Sob sob!

Anyone would wanna suggest a mogok, please raise up your hand!


  1. eh takyah mogok...kalau mogok nanti dapat kek ganti kalori lagi bertambah..hehe. tapi kalau dapat pun, request kek yg sedap2 sikit...hehe.

  2. hihihi... mogok mintak cake for a week..

  3. setuju dgn lady of leisure..

  4. kancilbiru : mogok tapi taknak kek, nak benda lain, boleh?

    lady : a weeeeekkkkk????? sure lepas tu i jadik belon. hahaha!

    isabelle : i tau u mesti suka bab mogok2 ni..ekekekkeke

  5. salam,

    alahai kesiannya..dpt bygkn isteri yg dilupakan tu..^^

  6. he forgot you? How could he???
    Btw ur hubby got promoted kah?



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