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The associate - my sleep companion for now!

Remember this entry, where I was busy searching for a bedtime companion?

I went to Pesta Buku Pulau Pinang over the weekend and found a bedtime companion for myself! I found a few actually, but thought of getting one first. Perhaps will scout fort the rest when MPH or Borders have their sales. Heeee!

But of course, if anyone has these titles by the same author : "The Innocent Man" and "The Appeal"; and would like to let go of them please contact me here or through email.

Gotta make a move to shop for my diaper cake now. Happy Labor Days to all the labors! Haha!


  1. woww...i wish i was there. i am a pesta buku freak!my room-mate used to have a stack of john grisham's books beside her pillow last time:P

  2. Nowadays, my frens' stories on mobile FB is often my bedtime stories. So much for technology huh?

  3. fuiyoh! u are a real bookworm la.
    i'd only bring a book to bed if i cant sleep (it makes me feel sleepy easier)..hehe

  4. hmmm lama dah tk baca john grisham

  5. cheryna : haaa i know! but this time around it wasn't as gempak as i remembered it last time masa kecik2. but still sempat memborong lah ;-)

    AA : haha...i still gotta have a book in my hands, baru puas ;-)

    isabelle : haha for me, dah pegang buku tu takleh tido plak. tension laki haku sebab takleh turn off the light. hahaha

    zarin : r u a fan too? :-)

  6. assalamualaikum..

    salam perkenalan..

    minat buku inggeris kan.. sy boleh tolong dapatkan buku2 2nd hand dr car boot london.. namakan saja.. harga boleh dirunding =)



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