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When a wife is happy, she becomes efficient!

My husband has been remarking that I seems to be pretty hardworking nowadays. The floors are mopped on a daily basis, and laundry basket is ALWAYS empty, which means that I do laundry everyday now instead of letting the basket overflows.

Well, one thing I could tell you is that, A HAPPY WIFE IS AN EFFICIENT WIFE!

This is how it works, very similar to the old-school Barter System they used in trading. He keeps me happy by agreeing to pay for my coach tote, so I just decides to return the favor. Very simple you see? :-)

On another note, I've been working over time last night, oh no! Don't start thinking nonsense you guys! I had to submit my transcript this morning so I had little sleep last night, 3 hours of sleep is definitely not good enough for me. Thus, I'm just going to take a break for a while now, while the son is still not up and hope to have a quality morning nap. Oh, the perks of being a SAHM! Ngeeeeee!

And you people, don't work yourself too hard too. Take a break when you're tired, as I'm sure everyone would perform better in a well-rested condition. Tiru macam this mischievous boy, when he's tired of playing with the balls, he sleeps on the it! After a while, he'd be as fresh as a tall glass of fresh orange (what the ??) to take on his mission to conquer the world, erkkkk, I mean the house, again!

But I'm warning you, if you people 'play' with the computer, please don't sleep on it plak. Nanti ranap harta-benda company, akak tak tanggung yaaaa! Haha!


  1. hehe so cute dia baring atas ball tu :D

  2. Yoohooo, a job well done, be it housework etc, should be appreciated and rewarded and hopefully, the Coach tote will be coming yr way soon!

  3. dah dpt habuan patutlah rajinkan..hehe.

    3 hrs je sleep last nite? better u take rest dear..
    i pun kepala ala2 pening lalat pagi tadi, maklumler dah ada baby ni..

  4. skang i try to keep the house clean by kemas everynite. mop once a week la kan. vacuum tu normal but kitchen mmg non-stop kemas.. TAPI serajin i kemas serajin itu jugak la sami tolong.. huishh menjadik2 u... last nite baru aje pas kibas tilam (dpn tv punye tilam) dia mkn cookies patu 'mami ha see jatuh nih.. dirty camane?' hamboii cm i plak yg bersalah..

    p/s - kudos to amin... next project maybe amin leh bwk u g soping kat bandung.. aminnnn ya robbalalaminnnnn

  5. fuh! irfan sleep atas ball... very skillful betul la this boy... :D

  6. a new coach tote? *rolling eyes*

  7. hahahhaha comey nyer irfannnn...nwey tk tejatuh ke nanti paler dier...hahahah mcm2 irfan ni..

    wah2 mama...upload yeh if ur bag nk sampai...bestnyerr....cemni ma boss kene bg bonus tiap2 bln...bru staff dier efficient kan :p

  8. amboi i pun tak reti nak baring2 atas bola gitu heheheheh...

  9. boleh pulak dia tido pakai bola tu ye? blk ni nk try la ;P

  10. comey gile irfan.. n skill tu tdo atas bola! :)

    aah.. i believe its very true..!
    when we're happy, more work is done, quality ones that is.. :)

  11. cutenya dia..pandai pulak nak baring atas bola..

  12. isabelle : belum lagi, insyaAllah in a few months time. amboi juling dah mata tu! haha

    iefa : insyaAllah, doakan handbag selamat sampai ya. haha. tapi lammmmbat lagi la, tunggu early july kot. :-)

    5577 : kannnnn, bila happy kita buat keja lebih ikhlas, betul? ;-)

    kak ina : haaa macam2 dia merepek, imagination!

  13. zarin : haaa macam2 dia nih kan

    shopaholic mama : yerp! coming my way soon hopefully! :-)

    ella : haaa i dah cover balik tido tu. u ada small baby susah sikiiit la nak cover kan, takpa ada chance nanti cover jugakk!

    ely : hahahaha sammi...macam2 betul la dia ni. pok pek pok pek ya skarang nih. hiks

    fiza : haaa skill tu i pun tak bole buat. haha

  14. omg abai omg. u mop daily! and also do laundry daily! omg again. aku rasa pun if kami ada washing machine kat rumah now pun mesti rasa nak cuci baju je hari2. believe it or not, kami takde mesin basuh. rumah kecik sgt x muat. so pakai baju pun kena jimat2 hehe. tapi kat malaysia i know mmg impossible sbb senang peluh kan! so we do our laundry every weekend or every 2 weeks (yes, mmg bakul akan penuh!) (in a way glad gak takde mesin basuh or else my house tasks akan bertambah hehe boleyyy??)

    p/s: guna la disqus for ur comment mode. senang u nak respon to each comment if needed ;)

  15. mcm2 gaya si Irfan main dgn bola ye, last2 buat bantal pon jadi hik3x

  16. suka sgt title entry ni...mmg sgt bertepatan..apatah lagi yg buatkan the wife happy is the husband..

  17. sama la..kalau happy mmg rajin..haha..

    bola pun blh jd bantal ye :D

  18. respectlah leh mop lantai daily.and laundry basket always empty. wonder when can i get that determination hehehe.. ololo..kiutnya irfan..very good balancing =)



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