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Farah Adeeba from Najjah.Com clarifying on the issue

I'm sure my blog readers remember the controversial issue I posted a couple of days go about the staff from Najjah.Com who answered my email with no courtesy at all. I even wrote them in my FB status and somehow Farah Adeeba, the owner of Najjah.Com came to know about it. Somebody must've linked my complaint to her FB account, thanks to that somebody. And credit to Farah Deeba herself who took the courtesy to comment in my previous post :
Salam Siti... I've read you comments about najjah's service.... you know what.... I'm really glad you linked it to my fb.... I was equally upset when I read my staff's answer to you.... I did confronted her myself & she did try to explain.. But than again to be fair to her.... i guess sometimes one's intonation could not be expressed in a written message... But I do get what you're trying to say. Ayat tu memang sakit hati bila baca... Im really sorry...sometimes I do wish I would have the time to answer all of the orders myself.... But unfortunately I need my staff to do it for me. But don't worry.... I'm upgrading Najjah's website... hence less communication with the staff.... It's more computer generated. but still if you have any more complaints do contact me directly via my mobile... maaaaaaf sgt.... camnilah sementara staff nak pandai.... tiap-tiap hari dok pesan... :(

Well, I'm glad for the explanation from her, and her sincere apologies for what happened. It is true that sometimes one's intonation could not be expressed in a written message. But that is the very reason why you have to be extra careful when replying emails, sms etc. I remember when I was once working with *****, I got scolded everyday during the first few weeks for my not-courteous way of replying emails, until I got it right after a while.

Anyway, at least now she knows how unhappy some of the customers are with the service. The good thing that resulted from this is they're indeed doing something to improve it, that's according to what she said. Alhamdulillah.

Thanks Farah Adeeba. I might be buying from you again if indeed, your service is improved as per your promise. :-)

And here is a picture of me looking so bulat muka besar pinggan tapi gatal nak pakai jugak in the Najjah Hijab, code: tudung 002 in black (ceeeh, tetiba nak promote laks! Haha!)

P/S: I'm glad bloggers voices are getting heard more and more nowadays. Blogging is the BEST isn't it?


  1. ooo bagus juga farrah adeeba ni respon kat komen u kan...mmg btol la, kalo by email/chatting ni blh berlaku missinterpret...

  2. Blog can be good & can be dangerous at times.Use it wisely.And being a BOSS is not easy.We have to understand people's situation somehow before make it public.There's always step-by-step process on letting out frustration.Even local artist also have been using blog as a powerful tools to market themselves and Rosyam Noor's talk the other day had discussed this with guest like Azwan Ali, Zed Zaidi, the 'Vampire' Girl (anak pontianak star, forgot her name) & entertainment journalist.

  3. mama sarah syimir : betul, pasal internet orang bole gaduh :-)

    hanz : true indeed. Well, at least now I'm heard and she gets the feedback she needs to improve on their service :-)

    and I hope this post will be good enough to rectify their good effort in improving their customer service.

  4. wah..bes tu bila bos yg comment hehehhe..bagus le least puas hati u sampai kat bos dia..nyway..sukenya kat tudung tu :)
    nmpk comel sgt..

    btw i baru le tau si farah tu owner heheheheh ktinggalan tul

  5. bagusnya dia komen kan... good cust service...

  6. gd to hear that farah herself step up for this...good job!!!

    its good to let her know n her staff attitude...sometimes she is too bz to concentrate on staff issue...with complaints like what u did nie can actually help her to imprive her organization :)

  7. may b staff baru kot tuh...baru2 blajar..but rase nyer mmg attitude dier cemtuh...hihih she need to be more userfrenly :p bagos dul fara deeba ni eh...t nk try rr masuk webnyer...

    nk try paakai tudung takot bulat sepingan jgak :( plus tk ske t penyet jek kt dahi..kene tau gaye eh nk pakai tudung ni eh...

  8. wow! baizurah... good for u... eh, babe,u pakai ape pun cantik laaa... sebab u mmg dh sedia cantik and cute!!! :D

  9. tu la, i pun rasa BLOG sgt berkuasa nowadays.

  10. sisdee : haaa i pun baru2 ni jugak la tahu. hiks

    lady : yerp. good that she did it :-)

    verde : yala at least they know about the oroblem. kalau tak tetiba losing business wthout knowing the reason why, lagi tak best kan.

    iefa : tu lah tapi i saja nak try sebab teringin nak pakai tudung camni. try la mana tau sesuai ngn u

    fizamior : yalah u ni! tetiba kembang pungkoq i tau! haha

    yatie : kannnnn. ramai blogger dah muncul kat TV even

  11. bagus gak u buat camtu.. at least dia tau apa yg staff dia buatkan..

    i ada link FB dia gak.. tudung dia mmg cun..
    eh u pakai ok jer... coz muka u kecik jer.. org cun pakai apa pun cun;D

  12. bagus la the owner ambil inisiatif menjwb & menjelaskan situasi tu. a least, org tau la knp benda yg tak septtnya tu terjadi & di pihak owner pulak, dia blh la upgrade service dia bila dh tau customer duk complain

  13. waaa.. go bai!
    tp bagus laa fara deeba tu dia sendiri nak rectify the prob n listen to her customers.. good2.. br tau tu dianye..

  14. customer is always right..

    wah blh pesan jugak ni..dah lama nk beli tudung mcm farah adeeba pakai ni...suka!

  15. weh.. ok la.. cantik ko pakai tudung ni.. dah la kaler hitam, suits your skin .. nampak berseri

  16. oh yeah...
    the power of blogging ay?



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