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Ayam Berempah Toksu

I got a request for the chicken recipe just recently. I've posted it before so I'm just gonna copy paste it here. Enjoy!

This is by far the simplest yet yummiest type of fried chicken recipe I've tried, and been sticking to it ever since I ate them at my grand aunt's place during my uni years.

The recipe :

Wash chicken and put them aside. Blend onions, garlic and an inch of ginger. Marinate the chicken with the blended ingredients, a pinch of salt, a packet of meat curry powder ( I use Baba's), sweet soy sauce (kicap manis) and jintan putih and manis (not too much jintan or it would spoil the taste).

Keep refrigerated for at least an hour, and then deep fry in wok. Once you take them out of the wok, quickly pour some sweet soy sauce on them. Serve them hot.

*My grand aunt used this chicken recipe for chicken rice. But since I love them so much, I always marinate them this way instead of with garam kunyit. Simply delicious!

With this recipe, fried chicken is no longer just a fried chicken. ;-) Happy cooking everyone!


  1. cam sedap aje ni....kena try buat ni...gaya cam sophisticated aje, ruapnye best..

  2. sedapnye.. lebeh kurang sama recepi u ngan sis nye version ayam goreng. kalu dia buat mmg cam arang la rope bentuknye.. tapi kalu makan sekor xcukup ..papi suka ..i suka.. cuma.. cuma i malas wakakakakak boleh??

  3. looks yummy... nanti nak cuba laaa..

  4. tq soooo much... i mmg dok cari resepi ni nak makan dengan nasi ayam... hehehe

  5. slurppppppp...u shud know what i mean!hiksss

  6. thanks a like...esok nak try!!!!

  7. a bit spicy eh bai..sbb gune curry powder....little princess i susah sket pedas2 ni :D

  8. mama-miya : easy peasy! do try it out k

    ely : haaa memang ropa arang tapi rasa skali mesti mau lagi hehehe

    idalia : ;-)

    nadye : it's yummy trust me!

    lady : ahhh ni memang ayam for nasi ayam hehehe

    watie : ngidam la tuh. haha

    senioritasara : sila cuba and gitau the verdict k ;-)

    iefa : i tak sure la pedas ka tak but my boy wallop ja chicken ni. fave! hehe



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