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Of the huge hairy monster under my seat!

Last night we went to Giant to get our weekly groceries and found out that Drypers at Giant is selling plus minus RM10 higher than Sunshine. Since earlier on this week I decided to be on a strike tak jadi, we didn't buy all the groceries and fresh meat stock, thus turning this week into an eating out week for us.

After we were done with the groceries, hubby suggested to eat at this out-of-place pondok stall near Pisa, as we have eaten there once before and both agreed that the makcik served mouth-watering food, AND most importantly the sambal belacan was S.U.P.E.R.B.!.!.! At first glance, you might think that the food looks too bland and ordinary. The ayam goreng kunyit we ordered were simply that, ayam goreng kunyit, with no vegetable mixture or anything that could add to the attractiveness of the food presentation. But upon taking the first bite, you can already tell that it'll be a meal worth eating, from the way it was cooked to perfection with just a little bit on the garing side, which tasted luscious in our mouth.

My ordinary looking dinner which tasted extra ordinary!

Anyway, last night I felt like eating at a livelier place, so after much deliberation we made a stop at the stall opposite Giant, just because it's nearby. We've had lunch there on a few rare occasions, the food there suits our taste bud. However, I wouldn't recommend you to have dinner at that place. The fried rice and soup was tasteless, sambal belacan was too spicy with no taste of belacan at all. It was RM11 NOT well spent!

Oh my goodness, what am I blabbering about anyway?

The main purpose of writing this entry is to share an incident that happened while we were NOT enjoying our dinner. I was busy chattering away with hubby, and was in the midst of telling him a suspense story when suddenly something warm and hairy landed on my foot. I was stunned for a fracture of a second before letting out an ear-splitting scream, which turned every single head in the restaurant into MY direction. Irfan who was drinking his ayaq suam while a the same time doing acrobatic stunt on the chair, looked stumped and ready to jump off onto the table at any moment, just in case that hairy monster make a move towards him! A few seconds after the screech, my face turned blood red, due to embarrassment!

You know why?

Because it was only one of those hungry C.A.T meow meow that landed itself on my foot, and there I was screaming my head off as if I was about to get hit by bas kilang!. To make it worse, the meow walked away after that, with it's head held high, which made me darn sure it was showing off to it's cat-girlfriend how terrifying a cat he was!

Huwaaaa! I seriously thought I had overcome this phobia of cats loitering under my seats at restaurants, but clearly I have not. This can't be it! I don't want my kids to grow up being afraid of cats just the way I do.

Any useful tips to get rid of this fear, anyone?


  1. hehe.. meh try belai2 anak i, sure lepas ni u ll be ok...
    :) ngeee...

  2. lady of leisure : i was pretty sure u'd be the first one to comment pasal topic ni, u prove me right! haha

    arri and molly tak gigit dan tak cakar kan? heeeee

  3. babe I pun tak leh bg tips since I pun takut dgn kucing. in fact I pernah lompat naik kat atas meja kat cafe zaman univ dulu sbb takutkan kucin gyg tiba2 muncul kat kaki I huhuhuuh

  4. Sister in law i pun sama, takut kucing..boleh dia menjerit sekuat hati bila kucing duduk kat kaki dia,..lepas incident tu..dia n kami terus blah x jd makan coz dia malu ngan jeritan dia..kikiki..

  5. hahaha u mesti tak boleh jumpa kucing i.. sebab dia suka gurau gigit2.. takut u histeria pulak :-p

  6. may the force be with u.......

    i'm a cat lover. :D

  7. i xdek mende bagus nk ckp psl meow.. i like them.. but not in my house ... stray lagik la kann

  8. tak nak citer sal kucing.. nak cakap makanan tu nampak sedap sangat.. nasi lemak ke tu???

  9. try berbaik2 ngan kucing yg cute2 mcm jenis bulu kembang tu dulu..sure u x takut lg ngan kucing lps tu...hehe...

  10. be careful dear next time...huhuhu duk tepi jln jumpe kucing kang bahayee....

  11. aik..Adcom..course mate aku time UKM..kenai ngan Bai kaa..hehehee..

    Anyway..mai umah ima blajaq berbaik2 ngan nyon (=kucing) Boboy lagi laa takleh tgk kucing..dia geram sikit pon tak takut..haishh..

    BTW Bai, drypers kat giant is RM36.90 but Sunshine is selling at RM39.90..pi lekaih sambaq 2 3 beg..Kami slalu pi Econsave Parit Buntaq..harga around RM32 jaa..hehe..

  12. yatie : hahhh! lompat ataih meja...lagi lahhh hahaha

    azmiemas : hahhh kitorang pun time tu nak blah dah...nasib lah..coz ada makcik sorang tu punyaaaaaaaa la dok tenung i sampai masuk ke kereta, sorry lah makcik orang tak sengaja! hiks

    liana : haaa confirm histeria!!!! :-p

    mama-miya : hahahahahahha

    ely : eh u bukan ada bela kucing ka?

    echa : tidakkk! itu adalah nasi putih + daging merah + sambal belacan marveles! ;-)

    adcom : kucing camtu tak main2 cakar2 manja eh? i tak suka gigit ka cakar manja ka apa ka...kalau kucing takdak gigi ngn kuku i berani lah muahahaha

    ifea : hahaha kalau tepi jalan akan ku kejar kucing tu jauh2 :-p

    imma : haaa irfan dok condo mana da jumpa binatang except for birds..tapi pi umah tok2 dia baru la perak tengok macam2 hiks

    ayu : jahaaaaaaaaaaat! hahaha

  13. **bwalk n found ur it i follow :)

    i used to be so scared of cats, i have goosebumps just by hearing the meowing haha. i am still a bit anxious around them, but my beau is a (very proud)cat owner of 17 cats so i tried to get along. i pet them and helped feed them,do all the small things..

    i'm better now, even tho still a bit jumpy when someone put them on my lap lol..

    agree with Lady of Leisure, y dont tu try with her cats :)



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