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Kadang-kadang Mogok Itu Perlu

Any of you who read my FB status yesterday would know that I was on a strike (mogok) yesterday, and I planned to be for the whole week.Because I needed to prove a point to my 'dear' hubby, what I needed to prove will remain a secret between me and him.

And so I refused to do housework, ate only Maggi and just lied down looking at Irfan playing with his toys for almost the whole day. Around 8pm we heard the grill being open, and I quickly turned off the TV, lied down on the couch and made Irfan did the same thing. However, once hubby entered the house with a salam given, the son couldn't contain the excitement anymore and went running into his father's arms. Such a traitor, mama takmau kawan!!!

Meanwhile, I was still pretending to be asleep as I didn't want to face the man of the house, I was still sulking remember? After a few seconds, I felt something scratching my face, very the geli you know! And I had to open my eyes to check out what it was, and this was the sight that greeted me!

So again, I was reminded that my husband can be a romantic, when he wants to. Ok, tak jadi mogok seminggu! I will start cooking and cleaning up again today, in fact, I've already started last night. Heeeeeee!

See, it's so easy for a man to win their wives' hearts! Just get them a bunch of cheapo flowers and a bar of their fave chocolate, and there you go! They'll be at your service again. :-)

Thanks Mohamed Amin! I love you.

And congratulations for being promoted! And for that, I love you even more, haha! XOXO


  1. so sweet of yr husband. if i mogok, sure takkan menjadi punya. hehe.

  2. tanda harga pon x buang lagi tu hik3x

  3. sweet. so sweet.....

  4. so sweet...kalu azam pun rasanye x menjadi..

  5. lea : ala u tak mogok also got the boots that u wanted so badly! bila la i nk dapat camtu haha

    yatie : haaa tu lah pasai..kantoi beli kat 7-E. ekekeke...bunga tu i tau sure dia beli kat kedai mamak tepi jalan tempat i usually buy fresh flower for our home hahaha

    fidde : :-)

    kak ct : u'll never know, try mogok tengok. haha

  6. sweet nya... dapat bunga n choc lagi.. kalu I buat belum tahu jadi.. hehehe

  7. auwwww....sooooo sweettttttttt!!!
    true kan its actually bukan susah sgt pon nak cairkan pompan nie...but sometimes they just dont get it...

  8. auwwww....sooooo sweettttttttt!!!
    true kan its actually bukan susah sgt pon nak cairkan pompan nie...but sometimes they just dont get it...

  9. alahai sweetnya.. u're so lucky! :D

  10. hahahah.. lawak la bai.. hahahah merajuk konon.. kalau aku la..... setahun la duk atas couch tu tak de orang nak pujuk

  11. tu lah, susah kan nak merajuk dgn hubby ni.. paling lama i can merajuk with him maximum 4 jam je ;p

  12. ish besnya....nk mrajuk gak..dpt coklat hhehehehe....

    rmantic hubby tah le..dlm mimpi kot dia buat camtu :P

  13. sweetnya....
    i do agree with u... sebab i pun sangat suka dengan bunga... kalau dapat bunga boleh senyum seminggu...

  14. wah..besnya Bai to have such a man like that..I wish Fadzil could be the same but really impossible Bai..Ima kena get cool myself..nak tgu dia pujuk..??kering ayaq mata laa jawabnya.. :-(

    suruh Amin consult dia sikit..tak jadi mcm Amin but if he could do the same sikit pon jadi will make me smile to ears..

  15. ala apesal i xtau u majuk? hahaha beshnye! suka suka suka! kudos to amin hahahhaa

  16. okeh, 1stly i nak gelak sbb price tag kat choc tu tak sempat nak tanggalkan... hahahaha... yg tu lawak okeh...

    2ndly, i nk ckp yg ur hubby is so sweet & romantic... i kalau merajuk sebulan pun blm tentu my hubby nak belikan bunga and choc.. kene marah lg adalah...hahahahahaha....

  17. nadye : like i said, belum cuba belum tahu hiks

    verde : it's not that they don't get it babe, they are just plain lazy to even think about it! lazy bum bum hahaha

    eis : haaaaaaa my hubby sronok okie baca all ur comments, dia kata maluuu! awwww! wakakaka

    zoora : haaa jgn majuk jgn. kang sedar2 dah nak terberanak atas couch tu..kakakaka...sorry bad joke i know!

    pinkerton : haaaaaa i can really sulk for a looooonggg looong timeee okeh! hahaha

    ayu ikhwani : comel lah kamuu ni :-p

    sisdee : at least dia buat jugak dalam mimpi, so pagi tu mintak la dia cerita kat u. happy gak u dengar kan hahaha. again, bad jokes i know!

    lady : yes! flowers can make me smile anytime! :-)

    imma : ok lah tu dia pi pujuk kat tepi pantai haha...every man has their own ways of expressing their guilt kan ;-)

    ely : haaa i taknak cita kat u! nanti u gelak kat i :-p

    fizamior : ekekekke...i pun tak perasan price tag tu sampai yatie cakap hahaha

    ala, there's always a first time okeh. as for me, this is THE 1st TIME after 3 years of marriage dapat bunga okeh! kalau choc and other things slalu la huhuhu

  18. hehe..sweet! tak sia2 merajuk, kan? pernah gak mogok dgn hubby :p

  19. sweet!
    and congrats to amin too.

  20. k.yah : so sweet..tak sangka ada cousin yg sgt jiwangness...ehehe!!
    tp abg amin : congrats eh..,selamat bangun lebih pagi la lepas nih..keh keh keh!



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