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Pack Me Love Contest

I'm joining this contest organized by Little Miss Ely because it's a unique contest, and the prize is tempting. Who wouldn't want a free tupperware now, you tell me!

Ok so let's see what this contest is all about :

The contest:

1. Suggest Menu ~ need to suggest most tempting menu but easy to prepare for Pack Me Love. The winning menu will be used and put in our Wish List

2. Makan Moment ~ submit your creative photo with your fav food. The winning photo will be publish here with link back (free iklan kan :P)

Senang kan? You can join both contest or either one. For Suggest Menu, any entry with photo or even your secret recipe is an advantage and even can get mystery gift (if approved by judges) huhu!


1. Be a follower to Pack Me Love
2. Put our Banner and Link back your contest entry
3. Submit contest 1 or 2 and leave a comment here
4. Pray & Bodek the judges

~ All bloggers can enter the contest even if you're not in Malaysia. If u win we can post your gift here (provided you have an address here lah :P)

Thats all. Easy huh?
For that easy entry you can win this, among other things.

Ok so, I'm joining the SUGGEST MENU category. The menu of my very own creation is named the 'ALL-MALAYSIAN BREAKFAST', which is inspired by American breakfast and twisted a little to make it more Malaysian. This is a HEAVY yet HEALTHY breakfast and would definitely last you until lunch time, without you needing to have snacks in between.

What's in the complete set of the 'All-Malaysian Breakfast' menu:

1) Black Pepper Sausage Beans
2) Black Pepper Scramble Egg
3) 2 Slices of Wholemeal Bread
4) Potato Salad

I have no picture to come with this menu,  but if i win I would definitely give Ely my secret recipe for this menu. ;-)

So guys, what are you waiting for. Jom join here!

1 comment:

  1. huwaaa nak potato salad uuuu....

    hahaha thanks nnti kang i buat entry.. patu i fwd kat juri yg bias tuu hahhaaa



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