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Where Has My Baby Gone (To)?

I just got back my phone last night, and the first thing I did upon waking up this morning was to listen to the songs on my playlist.

One of the song, Ruang Rindu by Letto, transported me back to almost 2 years back when Irfan was just a helpless tiny little guy who needed his mother to do everything for him. Oh, I miss my little Mr. Dependent, CAN I HAVE MY BABY BACK?!?
My 1 month old baby
 My two babies bonding with each other

Enjoying the outdoor at the neighborhood park : Mama look at those huge fishes!!!!
Very upset and cranky after a loooong day of visiting - 1st day raya 2008

This one is funny! He hated the prickly grass but we forced him to sit on them, so cute!
Happily trying out is new ride

Balik Kampung time! on raya eve 2008

After a relaxing bath

First solid experience - homemade carrot porridge



  1. time flies so fast.
    we wanted them to grow.
    but now we are worried that they grow.

  2. huhh..irfan muka tersangat comel and Amin sangat laa keabahab..hehehe..

    Well..sebulan lagi irfan akan sambut 2nd b'day kan..cepatnya masa berlalu..Kita celebrate kat Cameron naa Irfan..potong eskrem kat Raju's Strawberry Farm..yumm yumm..cedapnyaa...hmmm

  3. isabelle : tu lah, bila takleh cakap, nak suh dia cakap. bila dia dah pok pek pok pek, nak suh dia back to baby plak. hahaha

    imma : aunty nak belanja ka? yeay!!! :-p

  4. cepat tul masa berlalu ye..

    i've got that song on my phone's playlist too. suke sangat ngn lagu tu!

  5. alalala knape semua org tiba2 rindu anak ni? just read an almost similar entry like this from farah. i pun nak rindu nia lah. huuuuu..

  6. pun rindu home now but the boys at nursery..festive break leftover needs to cherish at most despite the 'rindu' feeling..:>

  7. makin besar makin hensemla irfan ni.

  8. chugie : best kan lagu tu!

    lea : ha sila buat similar entry pasal nia jugak...or should i tag u?! haha

    hanz : ahhh betul once in a while kena cherish jugak...esp bila dah ada boysssssss intead of just a boy kan hiks

    farah : irfan cakap thanks aunty!

    iefa : mungkin la kot ;-) hahahaha

  9. hah sama la kepala kite.. few days back papi asik ckp aje dia rindu time sami kecik dulu sbb dia peluk sami cam ur 2nd pic tuh! sebijik ok.. aritu gak dia paksa sami peluk2 dia cam gitu suh diam2.. mana la abang cik tu nak hahahhaa



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