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Kenny Rogers Eating Day

Yesterday was Kenny Roger's eating day. It was all about celebrating something that the color red symbolizes. I don't know, I don't really care except that you get a free meal when you buy one quarter chicken set. Hehehe...

BUT, in order to be able to enjoy the discount, you gotta wear red. So as we were all geared up to eat free meals (to be exact, half-free), I made everyone wore red tops.

(Please don't ask me why the husband's head is cropped like that, hehe)

And so we went. But as feared earlier, the queue was about a thousand miles long! Wow, didn't know so many people were as excited as us to get free meals. Looking at the line that went on forever, we made a detour to another outlet to satisfy our hunger.

Now look at this boy eating like there was no tomorrow. He was actually stuffing food so fast into his mouth when he saw his father reaching out into his container to steal his portions. Haha! I know Irfan, you father could be irritating like that, stealing people's food.

Anyway Mr. Kenny, it was good of you to do this promotion, but I guess you should open some temporary booth and hire more temporary workers to cater to all your cheapskate customers next time. Daaaaaaaaa!


  1. nak tergelak i tgk pic ur hby tinggal separuh:D
    tapaukan i muffin 1/2 dozen muahaha

  2. tingginya ur hsbnd! suka kenny rogers punya muffin. yummy!

  3. kalau pi kenny rogers dia slalu mainkan lagu nyanyian kenny rogers kan.. ada tak u dengar lagu bertajuk 'lady' tu?
    yang lagu ni: lady, im your knight in shining armour and i love you bla bla bla tu la.. ada tak... owh itu lagu oeberet i.. hehehe...

    eh u nampak muda la, kita sebayakah? hehe.. i tahun ni 26..

  4. wah wah..u all pun terjebak gak..huhuhuh..

    kat sini ada red rooster..wonder if diorang akan bijak gitu gak ke suh pakai baju merah..hihih..

    me & miya ada baju merah same design & cutting..kalo kat msia, leh la we both bergaya gi cari makan ayam..huhuhu

  5. tau jugak pasal kenny rogers tu yg kene pakai merah tp sy pg pun sbb weekdays kan mcm penat je nk kuar. Plus anak sy malam saya dah anta p ngaji...ramai yer?mestilah ramai kan sbb murah promotion dia tu

  6. cian pale hubby u...hakhak... but ur hubby is way tooooo talll la.... :D

  7. haha ... he doesnt share his food as well eh ... like me!!!! unless if i cant finish then i'll be glad to give it to my food disposer ... erk .. i mean my husband!! ... ekekekeke

  8. wow!!!
    tingginya itu mamat..

  9. woh! i didn't know that.
    else i'd go too. but is it at all outlets?

  10. liana :ahhhh teringin nak makan muffin dia. tsk tsk tsk

    nadiah : kannnn, i pun suka!

    lady : tak perasan lak. nanti i gi next time nak dengar hehe. ermmm, perli eh? i'll turn 30 this year! :-(

    mama miya : wahhhh! i pun nak buat baju merah same design and cutting ngn irfan bole? hahaha

    ahh kalau kat mesia confirm u all dah gi kan

    ayu : a'ah one day only

    softouch hanim : ahhh dalam weekdays pun ramai camtu, kalau weekends i taktau lah.

    fizamior : well, he's way too tall compared to me! i'm a shortie hiks

    papakeechee : well, i dun think anyone would wanna share their food with amin except for his mother. hahaha...u know last nite we were both eating sweet mangos, i took one and stayed in the study room. after 3 minutes iw ent to the hall to get more, and all gone d!!! amin walloped them all in less than 3 minutes! kesian i, ngidam mangga :-(

    ibusinga : hehehe agak tinggi lah

    isabelle : yaaa, all outlets. tapi tak tahan la the queue, beribu batu.

  11. hahaha irfan nk mkn cpt2 eh. takut daddy dia ambik. so cute. tu laa. kenny rogers shud've expect the amount of people coming in. mesti berjam2 dok tunggu meja.

  12. Mula2..kita pun rasa nak pegi jugak tapi bila mengenangkan mesti ramai orang..
    maklum la by one free one...terus tak jadi pegi..

    tapi bila mengenangkan muffin KRR yg yummy2x tu..terus rasa nak nangis..

  13. alamak kitorg xtau pong psl eating day nih.. comelnye irfan! hahahahaa

  14. irfann alwitz menten comey...hahhaha

    i telepas promo ni...after lunch..after perot nk meletop bru tau :-l

  15. eh biar betik.. u turn 30? serius nampak sangat muda, u have a baby face la dear! lucky u..

    i nampak terlebih matang kot.. kalau kita jalan sama mesti org kata i kakak u hehe..

  16. Bai dah kurus....arghhhh...!!! ni yang jeles nih nak kena pi naik bukit turun bukit hari2 nih..hahahaha...adoiyaii..

    Bai nak masuk 30..??akak lagi tua laa..huhuuuu..i'll be 31 this 2010..muehehehee



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