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The Best Dhal in Town

I remember going to my biras house some time ago while I was pregnant with Irfan. Her parents house to be exact. And her mother served us her home-made roti canai with dhal. I'm not a big fan of roti canai, but hers was just nicely done, crispy enough and not overly done. I loved her dhal as well so I asked for the recipe from my biras.

So sometime last week, I made dhal for our dinner, but I combined it with spicy fried beef and potato, and fried vege. My husband said it was nice, but he must eat it with some spicy gravy as it tasted a bit bland when eaten with rice. However, if you are not much of a spicy food lover, then I'm sure you would love this.

 Dhal Recipe

You'll need :

Kacang dhal
Beef (bone part)
Tamarind paste
Coconut milk
1-2 tablespoon of rempah kari daging

The steps are very simple :

1. First boil the dhal with the beef. Add salt. Boil until the beef and dhal are real soft. (This step could take a few hours).
2. When the dhal are soft I crushed them with fork so that the gravy will be thick. (The recipe didn't ask to do it but I did)
3. Then add pure coconut milk to the pot and continue boiling.
4. Throw in sliced tomato, carrots, brinjal and potato. Continue boiling until all the veges are soft and well-cooked.
5. In another wok, sautee sliced onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and the gang and rempah kari until fragrant.
6. Pour them into the boiling pot, mix well and turn off the heat.

Now your dhal is ready to be served!


  1. uiks uiks..silalah kongsi...ehehehehehe....

  2. fizamior : hehehe ok dokie, kejap nanti insyaAllah ;-)

  3. nampak sedapnya dal tu...jgn lupa letak resepi ya..i ni peminat dal la katakan..

  4. i rarely find dhal very nice. i believe this one must be the one though.
    share with us the recipe, pls

  5. yes, please share the recipe... mesti sedap makan ngan nasi tomato.

  6. i suka dal esp kalau yg sedap tuh... i penah makan kat mana tak ingat tapi dia letak kacang apa yg panjang tu tak silap i murunggai ke munggai, sangat sedap esp bila kunyah2 kacang tu.. nanti share ek resepi dhal, boleh i try..

  7. please share the recipe...sekali ngan sample food nyer mulih ke? eheh

  8. wah.. dhal, saya pun belum pernah masak dhal lg seumur idup ni.. y not u just share the recipe??

  9. lama tak mkn roti canai... kuah dhal nampak sgt sedap..

  10. wahh sedapnye.. next time dtg penang bleh la rasa hehehe

  11. azmiemas : oh peminat dhal kaaa...ok ok i letak

    isabelle : a'ah i also rarely find dhal edible. haha coz the taste is a bit too bland kan. but this one i cooked sendiri so i rasa sedap lah ekekeke

    asmahani : a'ah kan, kalau makan ngn nasi tomato sedap lah.

    lady : haaa murunggai. my MIL kalau masak letak jugak, tapi i tak reti makan. hubby suka la

    hider : ok ;-)

    yatie : haaa kang sampai japan dah basi :-p

    aizura : dahhh ;-)

    chugie : haa tu la saya pun terkagum sbb first time masak dhal seumur hiduop haha

    eis kamil : teruuuung

    liana : i pun lama gak tak makan

    ely : bole2 insyaAllah. datang Penang next time must come to ur house ya ;-)

  12. tetiba lapar roti canai..perrhgg mmg best kalau pekena ngn kuah dhal..

  13. i pun ske makan dhal... lelagik ngan roti canai!!

    salam kenal......

  14. kena book mark this entry so i know where shud i refer bila nak masak dhal.

  15. ahem ... cam kenal ja the dhal!!! ekekeke ... wah many fans of dhal eh ??? I had no idea! ... ^_^



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