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Jom beli!

I guess end of the year fever has just started for us. We can't stop buying stuff as there's a lot of good deals around at this time.

We are a member of Cosway and has been using their product for almost 2 years now. Their household products are especially good. So since our membership end January this year, hubby renewed them and so entitled to 50% off for products worth RM300. So last night, we went to stock up on our household products, and I can assure you most of these would last at least half a year. Because it requires us to use only half a portion of each products to get the best result compared to most of the other brands, so it last longer.

I especially love their bathroom and toilet bowl cleaner, it makes my loo gleam and shine like new!!!


  1. i pun guna dah lama tak beli sbb tak de sape jual (dulu kan rmi kawan2 jadi ahli) hehehehehhe...

  2. sisdee : ohh...alaa kalau u kat penang ble i belikan for u kan :-)

    jadi member lah kalau u guna, tak rugi pun

  3. i pon suka dia nyer toilet cleaner...wangi nyer tahan lama , lgpon pekat..jd xyah curah byk

  4. ye ke? should opt for cosway lah..
    but am afraid i'd just pour the same/double the amount, sbb xpuas. hehe

  5. i sangat suka pencuci tangan cosway... yg hilangkan bau tu.. lepas masak cuci tangan pakai sabun tu hilang semua bau hanyir ke, bhau bawang ke... best sangat...
    lagi satu suka bedak miyami..

  6. yatie : haaa kan, i like sebab memang berkesan! my toilet gleams like new! hahaha

    isabelle : the same thing happened to me mula2 dulu, then my hub bising2 so i managed to change the habit haha

    lady : ohhh kitorang tak try plak dia nya hand wash, tapi we use the ecomax dish drop sebab bole guna for irfan's bottles as well. maybe will try the handwash plak nanti :-)



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