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Hari Isteri Sedunia

Was it World Wife's Day or something yesterday? I got pretty confused, because yesterday my hubby took over the kitchen while I lazed around the house. He prepared dinner for us from scratch, from slicing the onions to cooking the rice. I just had to set the table and make drinks. Whoa! I could really get used to this, you know.

(Excuse the semak kitchen)

So do you want to know what we had for dinner last night?Tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Oh, please don't get the wrong impression. My hubby didn't roasted that whole delicious chicken! We bought that from Giant, serious sedap! He made this instead...

Hotdog masak kicap. Complete with tomatoes and whatnot. Haha. But it tasted not bad, seriously. I would say I give him an A for effort, but the rest could be improved with MORE PRACTICE. So shall you make dinner again tonight, dear?



  1. wowzerr!!! suruh la amin masak for his SIL also when she comes over ... show off to ali abit ... give him some HINTS!!! ekekekke

    i think i'll go visit GIANT later ^_^

  2. papakeechee : i dunno when he gonna get that rajinness again, i hope soon lah haha

    yes, go giant tonight!

  3. Wohhoo...! Amin...tolonggggg laa pi gurukan si fadzil tuh sat...huwaaaa....!!! (nangis tak berlagu)

    Bai..pi laa suruh si Amin tu ajaq or consult si fadzil apa2 yg patut..nak nangis Ima tgk seriously kagum okeyh..!!huhu..

  4. waaaa bagus2.. A+ untuk hubby hahahhahaa

  5. how i wish my hubby like that but tulah dia sikit punya puji i pandai masak trus x ada chance la dia nak masak....taktik tuhhhh

  6. imma : hehehe sat suh amin juai e-book cara2 menjadi suami mithali untuk suami2 di luar sana ekekeke

    cath j : alhamdulillah :-)

    ely : haaa i dah bagi A +++++++++++++++++ dah kat dia ni for effort ekekekeke

    watie : haaaaaaaa takdak chance la dia nak masak nanti tak sedap cam bini masak, pandai tul dia nya taktik kan. ekekeke

  7. asben i masak mmg lagi sedap dari i kdg2...hehehehhe..:)

    wah nmpk sedap tu mmg...huhuhu

  8. walauweehhh...tak penah jadik kat saya lg.

  9. waahahha dapat special treat! besnye!

  10. sisdee : oh yaka? i masak confirm lagi sedap dari hubby i...ekekekeke...tapi i think kalau dia practice then maybe dia akan masak lagi sedap dari i kot coz he got teh talent hehehe

    mommyct : haaa nanti jadi lah tu. coming soon kot hiks

    farah : a'ah once in while dapat, syok gak.

  11. bagusnya Amin. Azam kalu dia masak pun still kak ct tolong sediakan bahan2nye...itu pun dh gumbira...

  12. aisey...i really tot i missed the official wife's day!
    hahahha. so, i should hint to mrhubby to read this entry la.hehehe



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