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An Appreciation Note To Hubby


At times, when I get too tired of doing all the house chores, or my 'friend' is about to make 'her' visit for the month, I'll start complaining about the littlest thing that you do. Everything that you do seems to be wrong in my eyes. Your jokes used to crack me up while we were courting but now it only adds fuel to my fire. You give 1, but I crave for 2. You give 3, but I want 4!

But when I take the time to reflect, I remember your unconditional love and I get all warm inside.

I remember how pursuant you were to make sure we would spend the rest of our lives together. I remember your friends telling me that you told them you would marry no one else but me, no matter what happened. And I wonder, how many men out there would fight for their love the way you did for me?

I remember moments when you put us (Irfan and I) and our needs before your own. Remember how you would rather fulfill my heart desire, than buying your own stuff even though you want them so bad. I remember how I take things for granted and in my happy moments, always forget to thank you for all that you've done for me. But somehow never fail to overlook and complain about things that you can't do for us.

I know that you're working hard to give us a comfortable life. Sometimes I complaint that you're spending too much time at work, because I forgot that you're doing it for us. At times I would accuse you of putting your friends before your family, because I forgot that you need that little Saturday night teh tarik session to loosen up and enjoy yourself after a full week of busting your arse working.

I can be a very unappreciative wife at times, so that's why I'm writing this note. To tell you that though I don't say it all the time, I really do appreciate whatever you've been doing for us. I thank Allah for giving me the most compatible man to spend the rest of my life with, and I really couldn't ask for more. If I were given a chance to change just one thing about you, I would pass. Because you're just perfect the way you are.

The 9 years spent with you is the best years of my life. I wish for 900 more years of togetherness and even then I don't think it would be enough.

143. ;-)


  1. wah romanticnya...
    i doakan semoga kebahagiaan berkekalan...

  2. alahai....soo sweeet. buat i terfikir kebaikan2 hubby i juga, takmo selalu komplen, tp kdg2 it burst out sendiri tak smpt control kan? hhohoho

  3. lady : thanks. ameen to your doa ;-)

    yatie : a'ah, takleh control, dah namanya pun pompuan memang suka nag kan. ekekekkeeke

  4. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  5. hi drama mama,
    lama dah tau blog ni cuma belum bertegur sapa..salam perkenalan..saya pun dok penang jugak..exchg link ye..

  6. so sweet :). semoga berbahagia selalu ;)

  7. awww.. so sweet! :)
    sometimes in the midst of everything else we forget to show appreciative gestures to our loved ones.. when deep down inside theres tones of em wanting to be let out.

    biasala kan suami isteri, sedangkan lidah lg tergigit. semoga berbahagia slalu..

  8. huhuhu..very much like me.
    kdg2 terfikir salah sendiri, and it seems like there'll never be enough words to apologize.

  9. so sweet ;-) 9 yrs dah eh u guys together2...hopefully will last ever after ;-)

    (ppuan mmg ske emo kan..sket2 smue hubby buat tuh slh...tibe2 tringat asyek bising2 kt hubby:D)

  10. Hmmm..
    lagu tema "lihat awan di sana..berarak mngikutiku..pasti dia pun tahu..."

  11. owh!! ... amin must be crying tears of joy now ... ^_^

  12. Wah..!!sure Amin sgt terharu berlinangan air mata..uhuk uhukkss.. :-(

    Sangat touching baca your note ni Bai..Bergenang jugak air mata..sgt menyentuh perasaan dan bagi kesedaran pada Ima..Anyway, thanks Bai..

    Ima doakan kebahagian terus kekal milik Bai dgn Amin..

  13. Amin... Its a long road ahead but love and support for each other is very crucial in a marriage.

    Sometimes I too take for granted what the hubby does (too much) for the family..

  14. tagskie : thanks :-)

    dayah : dah exchange link :-)

    am, mila & nadiah : touching eh? bila teringat pengorbanan hubby memang akan rasa sayu, kan?

    5577 : yerp, bila ingat tu time tu la baru nak tunjuk appreciation. other times, nak bicker ja. hiks

    isabelle : tu lah, my hubby plak kata kalau rasa nak buat lagi dun apologize, so i tak apologize lah. wakakkaka

    iefa : ya la kan, women are like that. tapi kalau kita sedar takpala kan. kalau tak sedar tu yang susah tu hiks

    amy & ayu : thanks buddy!

    shaferlicious : amboi you! siap kasik theme song eh..hahaha

    papakeechee : takla dia gave me a lopsided smile and then continue playing games. dia kan 'macho'! :-p

    imma : hehe..thanks for the doa ya ;-)...prayign for ur happiness too ;-)

    shopaholic mama : yes, i guess we all tend to do that, but once we are reminded then kita appreciate lah kejap kan. hiks



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