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My date with Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson

I was first attracted to read Sherlock Holmes by looking at my husband (then bf) and father's passion in the novel. The first birthday present ever I bought for Mr. Hubby was the hard-cover in the above picture, because I knew I would benefit from it too. Haha!

And after I started reading them, Holmes brilliance simply got me hooked and kept the pages turning. So when my biras mentioned that the movie is now playing in cinemas, hubby and I were excited to see it and so we went for a midnight last weekend.

As a fan, I would say the movie is excellent. It started off pretty slow but the excitement started to peak as the movie progressed. Mr. Holmes with his clever deductions never failed to amaze me in the books, and it did too in this movie. His witty jokes got me chuckling to myself but I can't say the same for the rest of the audience, as I didn't hear a single laugh that night! Hubby said, "dia buat lawak pandai, depa tak faham la tuuu!". Hahaha!

I'm not gonna write about the storyline, as I know you can google them if you want to. But I have to say this, it's one heck of an entertaining movie and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars for the movie of it's genre.

It's a must-watch guys. So don't miss it!!


  1. Nak tgk gak..
    Ramai yg kata sherlock holmes tu hilarious..
    Huhuhu.. Ada yg usung bwk masuk Rayyan ni..

  2. bila agaknya i nak jadi ulat buku mcm u...
    i suka tgk org rajin membaca, i memang kagum giler..
    bila kawin nasib baik i dapat suami yg suka membaca, mintak2 la kena tempias kat i skit.. hehe...
    tapi masa study, entah macam mana i pi ambil literature course.. kena baca buku2 shakespeare.. bayangkan betapa tensionnya i...
    tapi kalau blog2 orang, i rajin pulak membaca nya hehe..

  3. my hubby ajak i tgk this weekeed.. siap suh pos Aqil rumah my mom.. sudahnya now dia dh ada kat kemaman for 1 week..gggrrrrr

  4. I love Mr.Holmes tu dah mmg dlm my must watch, tp kena gi tahun depan, cuti tahun ni dah abes.. tak bleh bwk anak dara ku itu..tak pasal kami nengok half way je nnti uhuks..

  5. yeap,mmg best.berbaloi aku xtgk muvi dh 4 bln :)

  6. Ya!!!! i wanna watch it too... but my hubby ckp dia takde mood nk tgk movie la... camane?????

  7. i agree! 5 star for this movie..haha haah la kot holmes buat lawak bijak so maybe ade yang tak mase kitorg tgk hari tu memang riuh panggung dengan gelak.

  8. to tell u the truth I never read Holmes book but will definitely watch the movie . . .

  9. alamak..
    i really wanna watch it. but to bring adam along..might not be a good idea, ay?

    do u think he will be nailed to his seat watching such a serious movie?

    or buleh gak test tgk kot2 dia fhm that 'lawak org pandai' while the theatre is quiet. hehe

    anyway, happy new yr to u, bai.
    may great things come ur way.

  10. since i don't read i shall just do the next best thing =) ... hopefully we get to watch it this weekend ... weeeeehooooo!! ^_^

  11. watched it last night too *yawning* hehehe maybe sbb aku penat... pastu movie pun mcm dark n gloomy tone je visually... and mcm byk cakap... hehehe but caoi enjoyed it. if kuar sherlock holmes part 2, i'll probably bring blanket n pillow (muahahahah kejam tak?) sorry holmes fan!!!

  12. haha, same thing happened to me... sorang2 je tergelak ngn lawak pandai holmes, but other audience buat donno je. diorg xfham ke?!!

  13. x prnh baca novel dia tp teringin nk tgk movie tu..



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