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New Year

Our internet was not working for almost 3 days, and I can't help being anxious that my pet would be starving to death waiting for me to feed him!

Anyway, some old friends came to Penang today and they dropped by our house to see Irfan and his lovely mama. :-p Aunty YamYam was kind enough to bring back the bundle of booklets, papers, letters and the present for my 'newborn' she found on my old desk in the office. Oh yeah, did I tell you that I'm officially unattached with the office anymore? That's what new year brings for me, this year.

And she also handed Irfan the best present ever, the Aqua Doodle! That's real spooky huh! It's like she could read my mind and got Irfan something that I had been meaning to get for him. Selamat duit aku. Hiks.

And also a little something for Irfan's mum, for serving the most delicious dinner Aunty Yam ever tasted. Haha!

Thanks Aunty Yam. Do come visit Irfan again ya coz Irfan just looooooooves having aunty and uncle around!

OH yeah. Happy New Year to all!


  1. Happy New Year to u too..

    Wah sronok Irfan ye..
    kitaorg plan nk ke Penang bln 3 ni..^_^

  2. happy happy happy new year baizurah!

  3. Happy new year laling... May all ur wish come true... Eh, mcm kenal jek planner 2009 yg gold tu.. U gomen ekk?? Which kementerian ekk? Or is it jabatan? :)

  4. kak ct ye ke? boleh meet up skali kita redah rumah abai. inshaAllah kami plan nak gi gak, i ada conference kat penang 2nd March. abai, better start planning your menu now hehe

  5. Happy Fabulous New Year to Drama Mama n Family!! Mmmuaaxx!!

  6. happy new year everyone!!!

    fizamior : ex-gov servant, i've tendered my resignation beginning 1st jan. with one jabatan under KPKT ;-)

    kayla : ahh kalau datang sama2 mesti syok. jom kita buat gathering kat rumah aku nak tak? we can do by the poolside...weeeee syoknya!!!ajak angah and the gang skali hehehe

  7. happy new year.. hope we can enjoy 2010 in comfort insyaAllah..

  8. baizurah!!!!happy new year!i baru tau nama u boleh?ehehehehe....nice presents for u muah

  9. hahah..menarik tu kayla..bai tp kak ct x sure tarikh nk pegi tu. FIL ada seminar kat kitaorg plan nk join cuti2 sana..hopefully early March jugak..

  10. Wishing u & family a great and wonderful New Year.. :)

  11. Wishing u & family a great Happy New Year :)

  12. ur cooking would definitely bring in many guests, regardless of the time.
    p/s: tell me more about the aqua doodle!

  13. my irfan also got the 'aqua doodle'. mula2 je suka main, lama2 sepah aje

  14. lady : insyaAllah

    sara : haha u ingat nama i in the ic drama mama ka? ekekekke

    kak ct : haaa sila plan cepat!

    zulaikha : thanks, u too

    sisdee : ya u too!

    sleeping beauty : salam kenal

    isabelle : haaaaaaa aqua doodle tu kat toys r us ada kot. water based so takdak la dia nak conteng merata hehehe

    lieyn : ah my irfan ngn semua toys pun camtu. meaning kena beli slalu. tsk tsk tsk



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