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The little drama of my life

Irfan may inherit his father's look, but he certainly got the dramatic character from me. At least once a day, he would do things that will make his father goes "Oh my goodness! This boy is totally like you!!!".

Yes, he cringes at the the speck of dust floating in the air and will try to get away as far as he could so it won't land on him. He jumps and shrieks when he sees a bug, you would think that the bug is about to eat him alive.

But nothing beats this story I'm about to tell you.

Irfan was overdue for his 18 months jab at the clinic, almost 2 months overdue. So we brought him for the jab when he was 20 weeks old, just a day before Raya Haji. Oh, he was all fine and dandy that morning, running here and there, creating havoc at the clinic by running uninvited into the check-up rooms and surprised the nurses, banging on the glass door and all other antics imaginable.

Just when he was having so much fun, his turn came. He went into the room not knowing what the nurse had in store for him. His father held him down as I wasn't strong enough to keep him still. I myself trembled looking at the loooong needle. His father recited selawat to him countless of time, and he was listening intently when suddenly the needle poke him in the leg. He shrieked "Allaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!" in such a deep voice that it stunned all of us in the room. But after seconds of silence everyone burst into uncontrollable laughter! Yes, he was crying like crazy but his parents couldn't stop being ticklish. We laughed and laughed and laughed until we reached the car. What about Irfan? I guess out of sheer frustration and embarrassment, he cried and cried and cried all the way back, up to the moment when we parked the car outside his grandparent's house.

And then the drama continues...

Upon seeing his grandad face, he broke into a pitiful cry again. They tried everything to make him stop and finally after bribing him with snacks and his fave cartoon show, he was quiet. But all he would do after that is lie down. His maktok had to stack up cushions and pillows behind his back to feed him macaroni. He ordered people around to get stuff for him, without moving a muscle. Looking at him, I was much reminded of myself during the first few days after I delivered him. Seriously, if you could see him at that time, you would have thought he just went through a ceasarian section to get the baby out!

Maktok!! Get me a glass of water please!

We were then worried, how can we celebrate raya with an immobile and clingy toddler. I was supposed to cook chicken rendang for my big family, two whole chicken, but would I be able to do it with such a clingy toddler by my side?

So that evening upon reaching the house, we decided to put a stop to his drama and make him walk. His dad put him to stand but he pretended to be off balance, stumbled and then crumpled on the floor. Like really, my leg couldn't support me lah abah!

His dad had to go through a physio therapy session with him in order to make him walk again. Yes, he finally walked, alright, but he walked like an old man for the rest of the night. Slow and unstable. Such a drama prince!

Now that really got me thinking : Nak berkhatan nanti, what kind of drama would he make pulak? Tsk tsk tsk.


  1. Hahah.. jgn jadik cam my cousin dah la.. 4 tahun berturut² buat kenduri berkhatan sumer tu and the first three years sgt la full of drama okay.. from runnig away from home, to locking himself inside the family car after stealing the keys from his parents so stealthily yg takde sape pun pasan.. Dr pun cam terkjut on the fourth year dia volunteer sendiri hahah..

  2. :-D
    smart boy!
    hehe.. agaknya during this particular moment dorang bebetul nak attention kan..

  3. hahahah pndainya dia berDRAMA hahahahah..sgt cute okay...
    Me pun tak tau apa jadi ngan my son klu dia berkhatan..dia tu jatuh sket luka kat lutut dah jaga mcm nk apa le lutut tu :(

  4. x sangka la Irfan..ish ish.. :))

  5. funny lah irfan nie,2 years young and dah berdrama hihi

  6. I berani jamin, kalau berkhatan besok lebih banyak drama yg akan u lihat..x percaya aaa..???..tunggu dan lihat...

  7. ayu : hahhhh tolong la jangan buat drama camtu. hahaha

    lady : a'ah dia nampak opportunity for him to get our attention tu yang mengada tu kan

    sisdee : sangat pandai! haaa sama2 la kita pening nanti bila tiba masa untuk POTONG! wakakakka

    kak ct: tak sangka kannn

    ami : tu lah, not even 2 years yet tau baru 20 months hehe

    azmiemas : i percaya!!!! heeeeeeeee

  8. aaahah, kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke dlm pinggan irfan ngeeee

  9. Woww..irfan bleh brlakon telenovela laa..
    Bebudak srg cerdik kan..? Hikhik..

  10. Hahahhaha... same here... my son start a lot of drama already... and I am thinking how to deal with it.. LOL

  11. Time fly so fast kan..dulu kecik dah besar.. comel sungguh

  12. yatie : haaaa selamat pinggan irfan kecik so kuah yang tumpah pun sikit. hahaha

    shaferlicious : tu la i think i should enroll him in drama class lah ;-)

    cath j : we're in the same shoes then :-)

    abang a'a : u should hear time dia jerit "ALLAAAAAHHHHH" tu like orang tua yang sakit betul. ekekekekekkeke

    ms pancake : yeah, kejap ja my baby is turning 2 so soon

  13. Ya Allah..I think I find my new friend!
    Hello Drama Mama..
    We should meet up..

    ps:I love Penang.My BFF stays in Penang as well

  14. alahai c irfan comel ni..bukan main lg ekk.. mmg i tgelak giler baca part yg c-sec and physio therapy tu..bleh imagine, such a drama prince betul..

  15. irfan aiyo...sungguh drama prince nih!!

  16. haha. comelnye! part yang dia sebut Allahhh tu rasa cam nak tergelak pon ada. And the physiotherapy thingy? hahaha~ irfan irfan.:D



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