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Am I a good citizen?

Last week I attended a talk on the National Heritage. Well, I won't say I did it because I'm a good citizen of Penang, I did it because I had my own selfish reason. But it turned out to be good, and I was glad I attended it. Now I'm flooded with invitations coming in through my email for talks and gatherings of the same 'genre'. Maybe I would attend some, decline some.

Perhaps I should start playing the part of a good citizen and stop hoping for rewards in return. Heeeee...


  1. good job! i always wish i can do the same thing like you...:)

  2. cheryna : just to fill up my time. and well, i did say i have my own selfish reason didn't i? ;-)

  3. wow!! glad that u enjoy it.. me selalu kalo jabatan nak anta mesti i takmo pegi sbb cam takde time jek nak attend tuh... huh...teruknya la i ni kan..maybe i should learn macam u la kan..hihi... :D

  4. do good things and u ll feel good kan..may be i should join that kinda prog one fine day..
    bila lagi nak mula kan...hehe

  5. fizamior : ahhh kalau pegi because of work i jugak tak enjoy. haha. but tengok all the concern citizens dok berdebat pasal benda alah ni macam best plak haha

    lady : yeah do try it out. u might enjoy them :-)



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