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Of Times Square and Capoeira

Our weekend is always about visiting both parents, as they only get to meet their grandson once a week. So hubby and I usually take the opportunity on weekends to have our date. You know, the-two-of-us-just-driving-around-and-do-nothing sort of date. Yeah, I know some parents won't even dream of leaving their child behind and go out on a date. But I beg to differ with that, as I believe that we deserve some time alone to appreciate each other as man and wife instead of playing the part of being parents all the time. As Irfan very rarely sleeps early at night, weekend is our only opportunity for that.

About 2 weeks ago, we left Irfan at the in-laws and as it was already quite late we decided to go somewhere not too far. The nearest mall would be the Times Square. Yes, Penang has it's own Times Square now, but so far only a few shops are operating.


A few years back during the time when we were house shopping, we had a look at the Condos here. Yes, they have condo units at the upper levels of the mall. It was priced at over RM300,000 per unit and the design of each units was pretty interesting but we decided against it as the area is too congested and I prefer fresh air, thank you.

Alamak, off topics pulak.

Anyway, the mall looks quite interesting. At first glance. But the few shops that were operating were from those brands I've never heard of maybe because I'm not brand conscious kot. So let's just wait and see how amazing this mall is after it fully operates later.

Our main purpose to go there was not to shop, so kami memang langkah kanan as once arrived, we were attracted by this group of cool people wearing white attire gathered at the atrium, chanting some unknown melodies to my ears. Oh yeah, we were in for a show of the Brazilian Capoeira Festival, and one thing I could say after watching their performance, we'd definitely enroll Irfan in this unique martial art when he's old enough.

They're totally cool!

Ok, whoever watched the movie "Only the Strong' mesti tau what Capoeira is all about. It's a martial art that blends music, dance, singing, and acrobatics to create an approach to teaching self-defense.

A little history about the origins of this martial art : Originating in Africa, Capoeira was brought to Brazil by captured slaves from Angola. In this foreign land the Angolan people developed their practice into a method of defending themselves against their violent overlords. Because of their predicament, these enslaved people had to disguise their training as recreational song and dance.
Despite it's origins, somehow I think Capoeira is pretty cool! Maybe because of the catchy songs, maybe because it combines martial art with dancing, I dunno. But one thing for sure, I know Irfan will look cool doing it. Heeeeee.


  1. i love capoeira!as in love to watch it, hehe..mmg cool!
    rasanya saper belajar this martial art nnti bleh jd tinggi and 4 irfan..mesti bleh jadi macho boy la..

  2. hihi.. betul tu sometimes nak jugak berdua2an kan.. apa salahnya.. :)
    kalau in kl kat puchong ni haritu i g tgk rumah kat lake edge, lawa2 tak sesak.. thats area ni depa kata resort living within a city..
    tapi u kat png kan?

  3. i used to drool ove Mark Dacascos in Only The Strong. Time tu dekat hostel, so bila tima dia beraksi...semua budak2 perempuan macam..."Uuuuuuuuh...."

    Intresting sangat! But I heard kalau betul2 Capoiera, dia letak daggers dekat kaki. Tak sure la betul ke tak.

    Sila2 belajar Irfan, untung2 dapat body Mark Dacascos:)

  4. yeahh nanti badan irfan tough la blajar capoeira! hehe.

  5. hua hua ... best la!!! i wanna learn la for self defends... then my students wont be able to mess with me anymore!!! kekeke ...

  6. majority mama? ahh bole jadi tinggi ah? camna tu? ppl always said irfan ni dah taller than kids his age, nanti dia tinggi macam pokok kelapa plak kalau belaja capoeira hahaha!

    lady : a'ah. kitorang kat penang and dah beli umah pon. i love my area coz still ada nature, dengar burung2 berkicauan dan unggas berbunyi, cewah! masih ada unsur kampong. haha

    cheryna : ha'ah body dia perghh ketul2, six pack semua ada. hehe.

    lea : haaaaa harap2 gitu la jangan gendut sudah haha

    papakeechee : yes u should. then u can WACHAAA! all ur students. kwang kwang kwang

  7. I pun dah lama tak pegi Times Square..

  8. kimin used to practise dh stop since terkehel bahu.kuang3x.

  9. Wah.. besnye dpt tgk live.. my online capoeira experience is (you said it) Only the Strong.. courtesy of Misa during the school years



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