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Whoever invented the rice cooker is SUPER GENIUS!

I think I'm losing my will to blog. The enthusiasm is just not there nowadays. I woke up this morning feeling the blues some people always get on Monday. Can you believe it people, I don't even have to go to work and yet I'm getting the Monday blues vibe. Someone or something must have been messing with my head.

Earlier when I was about to cook myself some breakfast I realized that we've ran out of gas. I rummaged for the phone number of the nearby shop but I couldn't find them anywhere. With Irfan being cranky and clingy since the moment he opened up his eyes this morning, I thought I might just have to 'fast' today until hubby gets home. Then I suddenly remembered how we used to do it in the hostel last time, where we didn't have stove to cook our meals when we felt like it. Thanks to whoever invented the rice cooker, I managed to make myself a hearty breakfast in them. I swear the scramble eggs tasted just as yummy as cooked on the stove.

And then later I proceed to cook dinner, a delicious sambal sardine using the same method. Oh my! It took forever to fry the fishes and potato, but after that the sambal/gravy part was a breeze!

I don't feel like doing anything anymore today so I'm going to continue wallow in the blues.


  1. i pun memasak using rice cooker time dok hostel dulu..masak soupy stuff, bubur, fried rice, deep fry stuff & even pizza..kikiki..kita ni over creative kan?
    mujo tak blackout hostel..

    about ur mood..well we ladies biasa la ada hormones drive..dont blame it on urself, blame it on the hormones hotmama!!

  2. yup yup i still ingat mase kat uni nak buat soup pon pakai rice cooker :)

  3. haah igt jgk dulu masa kat u dulu..masak pakai rice cooker pdhal rice cooker mana boleh bwk kat kolej..he he he..betul2 mgimbau nostalgia betul lah

    nenek sy plak kan, sgt berterima kasih pd sape yg buat fridge..siap dia kata kalu org islam dah dpt pahala dah sbb buat peti ais ni yg byk kegunaannya dlm myimpan brg2/lauk..he he he he

  4. hehe kreatip la u baizurah..kalau i takde gas memang nasib aa pose ari tu hahaha..

  5. cam time duk hostel, rice cooker mmg penyelamat di kala kelaparan dan jugak di kala malas nak bersiap pi cafe hihihi

  6. i used rice cooker when i was in colleg- cooking sambal ikan bilis, fried eggs, boiling soups...and not to mention...steamboat!

    it must be a very creative day for u right?

    * it's a very nice blog. keep it up:)

  7. mama miya : yes bbudak hostel ni sentiasa over creative haha..haaa tuned out my PMS is here patutla moody semacam haha

    verde : not you too! haha

    softouch hanim : oh kita mana kisah hostel rules tu semua kan haha. oh ur grandma tima kasih kat orang invent fridge eh,i think we all should be as well kalau tak memang susah nak simpan segala macam benda kan hehe

    farah : sebab dah lewat dan tak niat posa so malas la kan nak posa hehehe..terpaksa mencreative kan diri

    yatie : tepat sekali. nak salin baju lagi, pakai tudung lagi, pakai jaket pakai kasut.semua tu semata2 nak ke cafe, oh tidak. baik masak guna rice cooker haha

    cheryna : wow, steamboat kat hostel. mesti ur room kena serbu with all friends haha. thanks for visiting my blog ya ;-)

  8. waa..sambal sardin u nampak cam sodap jer..tetiba i rasa lapar la..



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