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I've always been attracted to the idea of homeschooling, but I don't think I have the capability to do so alone, I don't think I'm the best source to teach my son all he needs to learn in this world. I don't have the focus, and perseverance to be a successful teacher but I would like to try my best when it comes to my children. While he's still young and not at the age where school is compulsory for him,I do my best to teach him about anything and everything that crosses my mind.

Since at this age his mind is really like a sponge, absorbing everything that he sees around him and imitating whatever we do, it's only the perfect time to teach him the basic lessons but I believe it's important not to push him to it. Reading books 24/7 and doing flash card every day might be too stressful for him to handle so instead I do it in a relaxing way, while watching TV or having the evening walk.

Irfan observing the water spout at the adult swimming pool, he was really curious and it's a good experience to stimulate his mind to THINK.

Observing people and their activities is one of his fave pastime, that's what his mother does best too!

So one of the day last week, I decided to bring him to the park and expose him to the world of colors. Of course he has seen colors around him all these while, since he started to gain vision but I'd never really taught him about them.

So among the colors that he saw a lot in the park is none other than the color of nature... GREEN!!!

Other than that there are also RED flowers

PURPLE flowers

and so many colors presenting themselves in so many forms. Irfan loves them. He loves the orange fishes, blue water and sky, black Mr.Birdies, colorful playground and tiles and so on. He also managed to play balls with a cute little girl at the community hall. Her daddy was kind enough to ask his daughter to share her balls with Irfan, but because he was too aggresive I had to pull him away and distract him with other things lest the girl's father would never let him go anywhere near his daughter again. Hehe..

Now he still can't name the colors yet but I'm still giving him inputs on them in every opportunity I get. Because I remember teaching him about shapes when he wasn't yet talking, and once he could talk he could identify STAR anywhere he sees them. So it's very important to repeat, repeat and repeat yourself again and again so the things you taught them could be embedded in their mind.

Next thing on my list is to teach him MANNERS, as my son is a bit uncontrollable when it comes to that. Tsk tsk tsk...


  1. Now my kids is homeschooling.naik pening kepala gak pk apa nak diajar. nak schedulekan their timetable pun pening kepala esp me yg work from 8 to 5 coz takut pressure & the kids

    just since dah dok umah year have to go to school ...nak bg bergaul n interact with friends n to share the things with people

  2. i wish you all the best if you plan to homeschool him. you're with him 24-7, if anyone complains of anything about your son, mak leh yg kena tuding dulu (no offense, but don't you feel like this sometimes? like EVERYTHING'S the mother's fault?)

    one more thing, before we homeschool our kids, mak mak kena homeschool dulu, hihi, get what i mean?

  3. At his age, its more of playschool at home. No need to be too serious on the syllabus.

    Whatever ur doing is homeschool already. try teaching him on how to do the laundry & some home chores. then dia boleh faham on logical sequence. from apa yg u share, i believe u r already on the right track.

    no worries, the rest of the educating. let him learn time masuk darjah satu nnt.

  4. irfan...itu khusyuk sgt observing kaaa..mengantuk dah duk tempat tuu..berangin gitu kann..hehehe..harus kalau lama sikit lagi terlena kot..cute...

  5. i always respects those mothers who homeschool their kids.. because i think that is very hard to do. USually, kids dont take things seriously with mothers. My lil girl would listen to her teacher more. nowadays there are so many materials to teach kids at home.. i think with strong will.. ok je bai.. insyallah you could do it!!!

  6. totally agreed wit u dear....we need to repeat n repeat in teaching our kids...every day i ajar dier colours in english..i tk ajar malay cos i knew org sekeliling smue akan ajar dier nanti...n wit...jumpe cousin dier..abg man ni calour aper...ijooo ...bknn greenn...aduyaiii salah sape ni :D

    + maisarah pon sgt senang recognize star dr shape2 lain...may b star mmg diff dr lain kot..

    nwey bestneyr if totally can homeshcool our kids kan :-)

  7. cuppp..puan L.A masih ingatkah nama shrub yg purple flower itu?heheh..
    kak ct pun salute la sesapa yg boleh fully homeschool ank2 cam kakak kayla. Tp syaza..kak ct nk antar tadika dh next year..nk bg dia bergaul.

  8. iswatie : haaa pening kan. but now can get online tips and all untuk homeschool anak so okie la. macam age irfan ni still bole into benda2 basic ja, benda harian yang kita buat kan.

    anne : for now i still haven't get such remarks la, kalau ada yang dok pinpoint to me, ha siap la. akan ku pinpoint kembali kepadanya haha

    yes i believe mak pun kena home school dulu before homeschool kan si anak huhu

    mama miya : yes, thanks for ponting that out dear. :-D alhamdulillah it's quite easy to teach this boy the basic stuff simply by doing them, and he'd follow. do share with me if u haf any other materials or methods to teach toddlers his age ya ;-)

    imma : hah jangan mimpi dia nak lena semudah iteww ya..hehe dia memang gitu kalau observe, mata surrrr semacam ja ekekekke

    zoora : yes he doesn't listen to me so much compared to my parents or his dad, but i'm trying my best. hehe thanks for kata2 semangat, chaiyok!

    iefa : a'ah at this time it's best to expose them to a second language as well kan so what ur doing is totally right lah. kalau tak dapat totally pun we can play our part at home, takla biar ja anak belajar ngn orang lain kan.

    kak ct : hehe rasa2 nya cuphea eh, betoi dak? used to be my fave shrub coz it's purple! haha..itulah memang salute akak kayla kan, best tengok homeschool anak2 dia, tapi akak kayla dah penuh ilmu di dada bole la kita ni tak sampai tahap tu lagi hehe

  9. oh yes.
    when we just dont have the patience and perseverance to homeschool the kids, just leave it to the experts la.
    anyway, we were not homeschooled pun dulu. tapi pandai gak kan?hehehe

  10. shaferlicious : hehe thnks

    isabelle : tu lah setakat ni tak layak lagi nak homeschool anak BUUUUTT i memang respect all the mothers who homeschool their kids. big sacrifices they make.



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