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Toy Museum

Reputed as the largest of its kind in the world, the Museum house over 100,000 toys, dolls and others fun collectibles. It has also entered Malaysia Book of Records as the first toy museum in the country and with the largest toy and figurine collection.

Passion for toys is where it all begins, says the proud owner Loh Lean Cheng of his collections. He was inspired with toys collection after visiting the London Toy and Model Museum at the age of 19.

For the past 30 years - Starting from the first toy that he bought in 1973 at 0.5 pound (Popeye), his collection just keeps on growing & growing. Today, almost everything that you ever think of (on toys) can be found here.

The 650 sq m. museum are located in Jalan Tanjung Bungah, just in front Copthorne Orchid Hotel. Pretty easy to find if you just follows the road that are heading towards Batu Ferringhi.

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Yeay! We'll be going there this coming Thursday or Friday insyaAllah. Since my sister will be going back to Houston soon, she wants to bring Ariez and Irfanto the museum. But oh, mak Irfan jangan dilupa ya hehe. I'm sure they'll go bonkers looking at piles and piles of toys around them. Haaa, can't wait to see them getting all psyched up!

Have any of you been to any toy museum in or outside the country?


  1. i didn't know about this. wooww...interesting!

  2. dont 4get to blog detail about it!

  3. toy museum ni looks familiar.. bila i baca the detail rupanya kat penang, then i remember, i slalu nampak toy museum ni masa ke umah my bro in png, kalau nak ke umah dia mmg lalu depan ni..

    sayangnya i tak berkesempatan nak ke sini..

  4. yess Bai..besssh..besshh..a lot of toys dari zaman kita kecik2 dulu semua ada..kami (me and my fiance, whom now is my hubby) dah pi dating kat situ masa baru tunang dulu... :-P

    I bet irfan will sure excited of all toys..hahahhaa..

  5. i've been there about two year back i think. The collections were impressive indeed, but the environment not so lah..very stuffy and ada bau sikitla..update about the visit ok?

  6. selalu tgk je museum ni.... tapi tak tau ok ke tak... nanti tulis review ok

  7. we went on last january, sami takuIt! ahhahaha ade certain replika yg beso2 tuh dia takut hahahaha.. tapi besh! tu la first time pegi. ade gak pg yg disney kat melben tuh, xdek le besh mana pon.. ape ntah namanye kena tanya ija nih..

  8. cheryna : yess! interesting kan, tu tak sabar nak pegi ni hehe

    yaya : insyaAllah will do coplete with pics hehe

    lady : ohh yaka,ur bro dok mana eh? nanti kalau turun penang lagi jangan lupa singgah toy museum ni tau!

    imma : best eh? top mesti lagi suka kan, i think my BIL yang dok houston tu mesti suka gak coz my sis cakap if dia beli figurines kat anak dia dia lagi excited haha

    btw berapa dia charge per entry eh? ada jual toys tak kat situ?

    applecrux : ohh depa tak maintain the environment eh? what a shame. will update insyaAllah

    zoora : will do ;-)

    ely : oh best eh? tapi i rasa irfan pun mesti takut tengok yang besar2 tu haha. tak sabo nak gi

  9. wah2 bestnyerrr..have nice journey haa...

    tk berani bawak maisarah..nanti melalak2 nk bawak balik toys tuh..ukhukh

  10. Been meaning to go tp tak penah.. aparaaa 'org Png' nih kaaaan Bai hehehe

  11. was RM10 kot klu tak silap that time..tak ingat laa sbb bukan duit sendiri yg kluaq kann..

    Hmm..of kos laa dia paling excited..dia mmg suka all figurines nih..esp klu nmpk character transformers..adehh..rasa melekat laa kat cermin tuh jenuh duk tarik lambat nak jalan..hahahaaa



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