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Jiwa kacau

I miss being my parent's little girl. I miss the warmth of mak's embrace and the comfort of abah's wisdom. I miss running to daddy when something has gone wrong, and he'll make it all better again. I miss knowing that whenever i focked thing up, my parents will be able to correct them for me.

I miss it when my dad will buy me my fave drink - teh ais - everytime after he scolded me. I miss it when my mum will send medicines and broth to my room whenever I'm sick, and she never got tired of taking care of me. I miss being under their protective wings. I miss being their little barbie.

I've gone against their wills many many times. I've done things they disapproved of. I've chosen the wrong paths in life even though they warned me against them. But no matter what I did, I knew they'll always forgive me in the end. Because I'm their daughter, I know that whenever I'm in pain, they'll be in pain too. And I too know that no one can love us, like our parents do.

I wish I could run to daddy once again for his wise lectures. I wish I could run to mommy again for her beary hug. I wish I could turn back time and be a good daughter to them. I wish I could turn back time so I could follow their advices.

Jiwa kacau. Hati tak tenteram. I seriously need a hug now.


  1. perenggan ketiga tu touching sungguh sebab sama dgn saya huhu..

  2. eis : kan. they're my only protectors. even until now i always wish to die before my parents do,sebab i tak sanggup go through this life without them. huhuhu

  3. touching entry ni..
    masa sangat cepat berlalu kan..
    rasanya baru smlm my mom pimpin tangan i dan hantar ke tadika..
    rasanya baru smlm my dad hantar i ke sekolah..
    rasanya baru smlm i keluar dari kelas sekolah rendah, dan nampak kereta my dad tengah tunggu di depan sekolah..
    ahh.. those fond memories...

  4. isk, ke situ pulak dia. jgn pikir mcm tu le babe, ada u pikir how would they go thru life w/o you? there's a saying a mother should never outlive her children, it's unbearable!

    irfan, come here! give your momma a hug quick!

  5. Allo DM!
    U know, i felt that way too... those days when everything is being taken care of... live out here is indeed taxing and tiring. hang on there..

  6. A big one for u **HUUUUUGGGGG**..
    Hope today you feel a lot better dear.

  7. can i give you a virtual hug?
    alhamdulillah..i'm so glad that there are people who are appreciating their parents these days.

    jiwa kacau - but for a good reason.

    i salute you and your thoughts:)

  8. isk isk isk .. hugs hugs hugs hugs

  9. sob sob...speechless T_T
    lemme hug u *hugs*

  10. tetiba rasa nak balik ke Penang..rindu mak n ayah...

    babe..jom potluck raya haji nanti?

  11. hi drama mama,once in while or many times we will have that feeling..look back at all the sweet memories..and feel blessed that we are already here:)when your mom is old like mine..the more you gonna miss that moment,enjoy it while you still can..when the feeling is unbearbale hug you cute son okay.

  12. nape ni baizurah..meh i hug sikit..jangan sedey2 k!

  13. XOXO Luv u frens! Mmmmuuuaaaahhhhh2!!

  14. hug besar.. hug kecill.. hug besar.. hug kecil..

  15. thanks everyone, i'm so touched by all the concerns. the hugs definitely made my days better now. mwahs! *huge grin*

    iswatie : okie, tapi takleh on raya haji

  16. thanks everyone, i'm so touched by all the concerns. the hugs definitely made my days better now. mwahs! *huge grin*

    iswatie : okie, tapi takleh on raya haji itself lah. hari ke-2 or 3 perhaps, kita gather bebudak ex- al-mashoor nak? nanti suruh ayu set kan okie tak? u ada keep in touch ngn sapa lagi ek besides me and ayu? add me kat ym k

  17. Awat ni Bai?

    Aik.. nape 'suruh Ayu set kan'? :p

  18. Hi Drama Mama,
    Read this a few days back but I think one of my kids was wailing at that time so forgot to leave comment.
    Now that we're all adults with families of our own (and problems of our own..!!), teringin nak jadi budak balik kan? Free of troubles and leading a carefree life. I miss those days too. The days that I know my parents will always be there to correct my wrongs and protect me whenever wherever.
    Now kita pulak kena assume that role. No turning back. Let's do the best that we can!
    Tapi sekali sekala ter-emo takpe, good for the soul :) *hugs*

  19. ayu : ym ym ;-)

    SOHO mama : thanks for the kind words. yes once in while nak breakdown and cry, but after that i felt so much better :-)



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