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Cikgu Pukul Budak?

Teaching is a noble profession. A teacher is like a candle, burning himself in order to light up others. But what would happen if a teacher uses his power to bully others under his care?

Let me give you a brief overview on the real happenings in our education system now.

Student A is a student in a Boarding School A. Being a young teen, he's exposed to peer influence and such. Staying in hostel, he only has friends and teachers to guide him in every day life. Student B is a thief who gets a kick out of stealing all his friends valuables. One day when they've had enough of Student B, Student A and his group of friends went to warn Student B. Student A actually grabbed Student's B shirt collar and gave verbal warning to him about stealing their belongings, which is not what he should've done in the first place. They should've just report Student B to the teachers or Warden and let them take appropriate action against Student B. Stupid stupid move by young hot-blooded teenagers, really! Anyway, words got out to the teacher and so Student A got transferred to another boarding school while some who beat up Student B got expelled.

So Student A went to the new school with hope to open up a new chapter. He knew what he did was wrong, and he went through hell because of that. MUNGKIN DIA telah insaf lah. However, during his first few days staying there, the Warden, let's call him Warden A, came to see him to ta'aruf. Warden A asked Student A of his previous fault at the previous school. So he told the truth. Then while being the so-called responsible warden giving advice to Student A, he slapped him for 4-5 times. Just to show him that he's got a kongsi gelap guru taiko as a warden so don't you dare mess with him!

So now tell me, as Student A has been staying in the hostel for past couple of years, his teachers had been the single source for him to learn about behaviors and life in general, isn't it? But when teachers start to show BAD EXAMPLE to students, it's no wonder that kes pukul and other type of similar cases involving school kids are widely spread in our system nowadays, no?

Teachers should give GOOD examples to students, but instead they do things according to their nafs, not mind. Nak kata takdak akai, dah dipilih menjadi cikgu berdasarkan kelayakan. Furthermore, he has been given the honor to be a warden by the respected school. So what was he thinking? That he needs to beat up students so that will teach students not to beat up others? Wow! Is that reverse psychology or what?

Let's take a thorough look at the situation, and think it through. Student A was involved in the kes pukul because he took things into his own hand, followed his nafs instead of akal and went to warn Student B in a harsh way not to STEAL from them anymore. While Warden A tampar bertubi-tubi Student A in order to warn him not to break the rules in HIS school. Couldn't he have done it in a proper way? Like couseling and such? Must he use FORCE to BEAT UP Student A just to warn him? After all, we already agreed that it was a wrong thing to do when Student A did it, so why must we excuse Warden A when he did the same thing? Perhaps he should be expelled from the system, as he went a notch higher than student A by actually beat him up instead of just cekak collar baju. If we are to control the behaviour of our students, the system must also closely monitor the behaviour of the teachers towards the students. Then only, we could create harmony and balance in the education system in our country.

So to all the Wardens A out there, watch out. All eyes are on you now!

Gambar aalah berkaitan dengan cerita ;-)


  1. td i dh komen berjeler2 alih2 terpdm window..huhuhuhuh

    k ler for me kene ikot situation...but kids skrg mmg kene pukul sket...if just counseling jek tk efek i rase..n depends ngan student n sekolah camner...but bkn ler pukul teruk2..enough wit 1 snap of rotan on their ur kes tuh mmg ler melampau warden tuh..huhuh

    p/s: tp i kecik2 kan tk berani ngadu if 1 of us kene pukul...nanti ma dad pukul balik..cos he said...if u done nothing ur tcher wont snap u..but itu dulu laa...if now..uishh i rase most parent akan dtg serang cikgu biler dgr anak kene pukul...againnn me stress kan..kene tgk gaye pemukulannyer cemner :p
    pjg nyer bebel...kes boring laaa ni...sorii :p

  2. sometimes a small authority with a tiny title will lead to overrated self-esteem:)

  3. teringat last few weeks pasal kisah budak kene tampar dengan cikgu sbb bercakap dalam kelas...
    lepas kene tampar di terhantuk n luka dahi skit...

  4. Kak Yah, I know.. Tak patot btol, mmg tak patot sgt. Tht teacher shouldn't do that,, He himslef didn't give the good example then how student nak follow. Plus,, A bukan suka suki beat budak tu sebab nak tunjuk taiko or what, he gotta reason and bukan dia pukul budak tu like nak mati or apa. Just cekak kolar ja and yg pukul teruk2 semua his friends kan. My mom works there and dia pun ckp tht A actually tak la really guilty like his friends yg lain. I believe everybody should be given the second chance and if btol pun dia yg salah, that teacher STILL TAK ADA HAK NAK BUAT A MACAM TU. =.="

  5. hallo beb, your blog ni mmg penuh ngan drama ah! hehe, sesuaiiii! kes mak mentua kejam la, kes warden pukul budak, kes budak gian kopi lah, hahaha

  6. iefa : haaa sungguh2 u komen nih. haha. zaman kita dulu lain, cikgu pukul tujuan untuk mengajar, rotan tangan atau punggong. paling dahsyat piat telinga.

    tapi skarang ni too much kes pukul sampai masuk hospital la or even sampai mati. so i believe teachers should be control as well, bukan students ja.

    teringat kisah Imam Ali r.a semasa perang, dia marah one of the opponent yang cucuk Al-Quran dengan pedang dia, he was about to kill him but restrained himself. You know why? Sebab time tu dia tengah marah dan kalau dia bunuh it was because of nafsu (amarah) and not becoz of God. THAT'S a good example yang patut cikgu2 contohi,dan kita pun sama lah as parents.

    cheryna : yess sometimes too much power can mess up people's head. takble handle kan.

    lady of leisure : oh i tak perasan cita tu, so what happened in the end?

    fatihah : amboi semangat! i hope the parents of student A will raise hell with the school coz apparently the Headmaster dah pesan to the students if ada warden dok pukul MUST REPORT. kira dah abnyak kes camni la tu

    anne : haaaaaa i kan DRAMA MAMA! wahahahaha

  7. mesti la kena repot. tak patot.. if i were student A's parents, then i'll saman 2 3 juta or what then transfer my son back to his old school *i wish*. suka suki ja pukul anak teruna org, the student A's family should do something with this. haha

  8. I seem to recall who student A is.. tp bengong la warden tuh

    Btw, i always cubit my students tp tak penah diorg komplen pun.. lagi ckp tak sakit ade la hahahah

  9. tggu lepaih depa abeh spm,abg2 depa plak nnt p tampaq warden tu



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