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His wall of fame

I've been meaning to post about the feature wall in Irfan's room, but I was always either too lazy, or forgot all about it. It's not done completely, I can't believe it's very hard to find a small size - 3R and 4R frames - that have hooks at the back to hang on the wall.

Now I'm thinking maybe I should make my own DIY frames to be hung at the wide gaps in between those drawings. Anybody can give me a lesson on how to make my own frame?

He can now identify bear, moon, apple, fish, Ayyan (Irfan) from the wall. Suka betul dia.

And I should start making more of these, maybe some Pocoyo and Barney characters in smaller scale. Irfan really loves the wall! That's good enough reason to get me crafting again.


  1. IKEA frames are cheap & ada those sizes. but kinda leceh coz u kena pasang hook sendiri tp hang.

    selamat mengkreatifkan diri!

  2. I really tabik spring pada yg mampu DIY benda2 mcm ni.. im not that creative.. melukis pun i tak pandai...
    but the hall of fame is very impressive la..

  3. waah besnyee..bila i nak buat utk afif lak ni

  4. rajennn nyer...bestnyer maisarah ader bilik sendiri...huhuhuhu tgu2 tak me laieee..insyaAllah...

  5. wah.. so nice that kind of frame.. emm y not u usha @ SSF?? emm.. ok x?

  6. rajin sungguh! kreatip lg. mesti irfan suka :)

  7. mama miya : itulah i wish kat penang ni ada ikea

    lady of leisure : if ada tools and techniques, i'm sure everubody can do it ;-)

    farah : malam ni start biat! haha

    iefa : biasa la dok umah merajinkan diri buat benda2 yang kita minat hehe

    chugie : ahhh! thank! baru teringat ssf ada bukak kat penang kan. namti nak pi tgk

  8. eis : dia suka la jugak, colourful kan. hehe

  9. wow..good idea. Now I know what to do with a box of ikea frame that i've keep for the past couple of years....dari den dok perap..baik gantung kan...hihi..pandai u..kreatip.

  10. teringin nk buat kat bilik anak sy tapi sy takut dinding rosak..sbb sy pakai hammer jer ketuk xde drill lah..(drill kan nama dia?)



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