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Visiting in Balik Pulau

Last Sunday, hubby had a raya project with his friends somewhere in Balik Pulau, Penang. It has been their anual ramadhan doing since many many years back, but they missed it last year because everyone were busy with their wives being pregnant and delivering babies. But this year alhamdulillah they managed to proceed with it.

So since he had things to do, and my mum had a plan to visit my brother in MRS*M Balik Pulau, Irfan punya mak was excited to follow. We brought food that could feed the whole Maktab *ok ok exaggerating here* for them to break fast with. Irfan ran around and was suddenly nice to everyone, not only to his uncle but he went and hugged the uncle's friend as well before we went back. Haha! What was he thinking, I have no idea at all.

Note the baju belang again?'s a hands-down from my sister, I guess she loved stripe as well haha
Yawnn! Why must dukung me?? Let me run amok in this school!

After that we dropped by my dad's friends' house, a village somewhere in Teluk Kumbar. Irfan was too psyched seeing so many cats and chickens all around him. He went crazy for a while there, flapping his hands excitedly while calling out to them with a high-pitched voice. However, this samseng Kampung Dusun of mine didn't dare go and touch them pengecut macam mak dia. Haha!

I had fun following my parents around this time as I think it has been too long since I went with them anywhere, without my hubby in tow. Now don't get me wrong. I love my husband, but once in a while I still have that longing to be just a daughter instead of a wife and mother. Free from huge responsibilty and all of those petty matters and chores that comes with being a wife and a mother, if you know what I mean.

To hubby if you're reading this, don't take it the wrong way okie or else I will have to ammend this post pulak. I love you, mintak maaf zahir dan batin. Hehe :-p


  1. Aiy kak yah, knapa tak ajak skali? haha :P

  2. fatihah : kalau ajak nak ikut ka? tak takut kat pakcik idris? hahaha

  3. my old school!!

    neven been there since amik results SPM..

  4. baiti : oh really??? yala after SPM usually dah tak rajin nak visit skolah lagi kan hehehe



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