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Handbag Raya

This year, since I'm currently not working, our raya preparation takdak la beria-ia sangat. No new curtain, and nothing new (major) for the house. We did a little makeover for the house a few months earlier so at least some part of the house has a new look this year, though we didn't do any major renovation. Hubby fixed a new lampu lip lap at the balcony to add to the festive mood, but it's still not properly done. As for clothes, we did get something new for the three of us, and then I baked my own raya cookies. I have to get new tudung to match my outfit, but that's about it. I was actually quite satisfied with our preparation until I went to my PIL house last week for Iftar.

As we were about to go back after maghrib prayer and I proceeded to salam with my FIL, he said to me, "Eh dah nak raya ni, beli la handbag baruuu!" and I was like hahhhh! I totally agree with you la FIL! Why don't you ask your beloved son to get me this or if you wanna get it for me I would be too happy to accept *LOL* :

I've been drooling over them for too long! Hehe..


  1. very sporting FIl you have there!

    apalagi, beli, jgn tak beli!

  2. zoora : oh yes my fil memang cool haha

    shopaholic mama : yerp sporting. tapi my hubby dah jeling kat FIL and said, "dahh dun trigger her shopping lust" ekekeke

  3. mmg kita kdg2 ada benda yg teringin tapi segan nak mintak kan :)

  4. eis : haha, i doubt if i mintak this one akan dapat pon. coz dah slalu asyik mintak handbag ja haha ;-p

  5. u should have tried asking it from FIL, bai.
    alang2 dia dah melawak tu. mana la tau tiba2 dia generous.

    or i believe at least, he'll tell amin to get u one. hehe

  6. but it's for a good cause!! RAYA !!! huhuhu ^_^

  7. wah..dan lagi tuu..handbag raya pon ada kaa...yang bergantung bnyk2 tuh mmg each one utk diff event ka... :-P

  8. babe, bukan handbag u dah penuh satu penyangkut ka? ada space lagi ka nak sangkut? hahaha

  9. isabelle : itulah i ni lurus bendul plak. tsk tsk tsk. harap2 he buat lawak lagi after this haha

    papakeechee : i totally agree with u! i hope amin will agree too haha

    farah : kaaannnnn...i love it!

    imma : ohhh lupa la plak ada banyak handbag, tapi kalau dapat yang ni, bole la let go some haha

    anne : ermmm, penuh one penyangkut but none of them in blue! i takdak blue handbag lagiiii laaa :-p



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