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Never Ending Story

Oh my! This feels like it's never gonna end. People are busy performing more ibadah with hope to meet lailatul qadr while I'm busy with my raya cookies. My red flag is finally here, I thought I'd be able to fast for the whole month as my period cycle nowadays has gone bonkers, sometimes it goes on for almost 40 days! But somehow it arrived on time this month. Pbhhttt! So I'm going to miss reciting Quran with hubby for the remaining 5 days of Ramadhan *sob sob* tu la masa boleh tak fully utilized it, now baru nak nyesal.

Anyway, since I was quite free this morning and I had half a pack of cornflakes and a container of cooking chocolate left, I made these chocolate cornflakes as hubby had been mentioning it for a bit too often. Another reason is I would rather have him munch on these than the biskut mazola for the remaining 5 days, as I don't have much left and pray hard for the mazola to see the first ray of sunshine on raya day.

Anyway, I got the recipe for this chocolate cornflakes on the internet. At first I was wondering why the flakes won't stick together after it I spooned them into the paper cups. I was tempted to bake them in contrast to the recipe but out of sheer frustration I just left them on the table waiting for hubby to get back and think of a solution. :-p

When he got back from work, I complained to him about those cornflakes and when we checked, tadaaa! They've stuck together in the cups. So my chocolate cornflakes menjadi after all. I just had to left them to really-really-really cool off rupanya. Yippie!


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. nampak sedap cornflakes tu..dah lama tak buat cornflakes..tahun ni pulak tak buat pun biskut raya..tak larat pulak rasa nye..

  3. woit.. banyaknya kuih raya buat !!!!! rugi ni kalau tak pergi jugak rumah ngko

  4. huhuhu .... welcome to the club ... we raya earlier la ... kekeke ... ha safe guard those mazola cookies with ur life ok!! i nak makan!!! ^_^

  5.'ll stick together when it's due rupanya. hahaha.
    they look really yummy though.
    good job. ermmm... those kuih raya, are they for parents & MIL or urself?

  6. if u put more choc lagik sedap tau...itam smue cover ngan mls buat...hihihiih mkn kt umah org jek...

    nwey i'm praying dat tk period sampai raye...huhuuhh awal pose dh sangkut 3 ari dh...huhuhhabes laaa

  7. hmm it looks yummy..crunchy and chocolatey must be ya..tia mia mesti suka tu:)i love belang2 shirt too..selamat hari raya too you and family yer..mesti meriah kan penang kan:)

  8. hapi : thanks..u too!

    liwaniel : oh ibu ngandung kalau buat biskut raya memang tabik spring lah. haha

    zoora : haaa memang rugi! eh nanti please gimme ur phone no,kalau jadi buat open house nanti will invite u kay

    papakeechee : haaa yes kita bulan sabit merah ekekeke..dun worry there are still more at our PIL for u to taste hehe

    isabelle : i buat banyak for each types. so i distribute between my mum mil and myself :-D

    iefa :itulah, dalam resipi nampak all covered with choc tapi i ran out of cooking chocolate lah. however, i lagi minat cornflakes madu, yang choc ni first time i rasa boleee la. ka i yang buat tak sedap hahaha

    mamatiamia : very crunchy and sweet. kids will love them. selamat hari raya to u and ur family too, selamat balik kampung!!!!



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