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Takdak baju raya pun bole raya jugak kan?

I'm seriously P.I.S.S.E.D O.F.F!! As feared, my baju raya is not yet completed! Okie, so the first baju I sent to this tailor near our house. When I called her earlier at around 8pm, she wasn't around and I was asked to come back at 10 ++pm. So we headed to the other tailor all the way in town. We arrived just in time as she was already closing up. My baju was supposed to be ready by the 15th, but when she checked just now, it's not done! I'm seriously never gonna send my clothes to her again albeit her satisfactory work. She's charging more nowadays, my plain, and I mean it, PLAIN with no beadings whatsoever, baju kurung modern cost just as much as the one with beadings last time. What the ???? Dahla cekik darah, now she can't even complete it on time. She even had the guts to ask my husband to come back on M.O.N.D.A.Y, you guys, MONDAY. Eeeee, I'm just so mad! I need that baju for the upcoming wedding on the 4th day of raya. Or else I'm going to have to recycle whatever baju I have in peach or silver.

Okie, so being disappointed with THAT capek tailor, we headed back to the other tailor. Oh before that we went to buy IRfan's diapers and milk supply, and a few other stuff at Sunshine Bayan Baru. AFTER that we headed back to Sally the tailor and when I called her again, guess what? She's stiiiiiill not at home. We've been all around the island, where else are we suppose to go before she would freaking come back? Where, tell me where?

Ok lah I better stop right this minute or else this blog will soon fall under the X-Rated category. Pbhtttttt!


  1. Sounds like letih mengejar n menunggu. Jgn risau, kita sama takdak baju raya hehe.

  2. alamak..jgn hanginn sgt!
    still have time to get the ready made one.
    thanks aaa dropping by my blog!

  3. ala cian nyer awk bai,better carik yg ready made takot kalau2 mmg xbley siap smp next monday pon..

  4. salam...

    hey babe...

    owh takpe...maybe rezeki tahun nie bju lain :)
    confirm bju lain byk dalam ur wardrobe tue kan...hehehe


    Mr.Doc & I would like to wish YOU & FAMILY peace, happiness & prosperity on EID-UL-FITR!!!

    May the divine blessings of ALLAH be with you & family on EID & Always!!!

  5. eis : tu u takdak baju raya gak ka? ihihi..takpala janji anak2 ada baju raya *sob*Sob*

    che'puan Idot : hehe dadh cool down. smalam memang haaaangin satu badan haha

    jay : tu la kesian saya kan. hmmm takpala dah takdak budget utk baju ready made lain, coz nanti baju kat tailor tu still kena ambik. pakai ja la baju yang berlonggok2 kat dalam almari tu.

    btw baju yang dia cakap monday tu, nak pakai untuk kenduri, on friday minggu raya tu. hopefully sempat la

  6. verde : thanks dear. u too! enjoy ur ketupat rendang, and with SPANX u can eat all you want. weehooo! haha

  7. Bai..
    kisah i sangat tragis..
    tailor kasik ilang baju raya i ok?
    i upah since June ..i repeat since JUNE..
    2 pasang plak tuh..bli kat Jakel..
    RM 230++ per piece..bengang gilah!!!



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