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Makeup Raya

Though before this I didn't feel all psyched to celebrate the upcoming raya, now as the day is drawing closer I'm getting some good vibes from all the TV shows and the so many blogs in the blogsphere discussing and describing about the eid.

I was bloghopping as usual this morning and reading all the blogs in my list when I came across this entry in my adik ipaq's blog. Huhu. Suddenly it made me wanted to try out some new technique for the eye makeup, this can also be considered as a preparation for raya, right guys? Haha..

Anyway, I love makeup. Which women don't, rite? My mum said ever since I became a SAHM, she gets rimas seeing me doing my makeup dengan tahap melampau especially when I tried to apply the smoky eyes effect and whatnot yang always end up tak jadi. What she meant is, nak pi beli ikan pun nak bermakeup smoky eyes bagai! Haha..seriously, not to that extent lah. But whenever I could and whenever I was in the right mood, I'd take time to apply makeup, not because I want to look pretty for people I meet, but I just don't want my hubby to be embarrassed by his selekeh stay at home wifey yang gendut!

Once in a blue moon, I'd make a painstaking effort to make up for hubby for when he gets home. That's a bit too troublesome to do as I have a clingy baby by my side like all the time, and I cook everyday. So most of the time I won't have enough time to cook, shower and color my face just in time before my hubby gets home but whenever I did, I knew my hubby loved it!

Irfan loves my makeup, he said "mama, tannntiiiikk!" hehehe

But I know I'm not that good in applying makeup especially on the eyes part. I really2 love smoky eyes effect on other people but I'm not good in applying them on myself, I always ended up looking like a ghost! Anyone can give me an extensive lesson on that?


  1. Ok sis..bukan anak you je yg akan ckp tantikkkk..
    I pon nk ckp benda yg sama...CANTIK!
    Selamat hari raya sis :-)
    Nice knowing you.

  2. jetsetter : hihi *malu2 kucing* tapi tak dapat tandingi kecentikan you lah kan hehe

    selamat hari raya to u and apeng too, haf fun ya darl!

  3. eh tantikk jer..bai, awk hwife ker?tapi biler bace awk nyer blog speaking bagai cm org high education jer..ske bace, smbl2 improve english

  4. jay : thanks *blush* yerp i'm a SAHM aka housewife. actually i'm still attached with a government agency, federal but currently on unpaid leave..dah lama la jugak since irfan was born. and taktau la sampai bila nih, hehe. sangat suka la jadi housewife ;-)

  5. hhihi mee too...i loike smokey everytime beli eye shadow sure beli twin colour bleh buat half terang..ujung gelapp...hihihii ur smokey eye sure lawa laa...u cam tk byk eyeback jek...

    best kan klo main2 makeup...hihhihih i ske tgk drama astro ria...sbb kdg2 makeup2 derang lawa...bkn tgk citernyer tgk makeupnyer...kuikuikui

    naseb u got son bkn doter...hihihi klo tk jd cam ma doter..kene ader koleksi makeup dier..otherwise main i punyer...hihhi nwey tantekk aper ur makeup...cube amek dr jauh lak..nampak x..if tk nampak tenyeh laie :p

  6. iefa : haha smokey eyes menarik kannnn. i have a horrible dark circle around my eyes okie, kena tempek inches of concealer to cover. eyebag pun makin teruk!

    ohhh kalau ada daughter kena beli her own sets eh?kena simpan duit la from now kalau plan nak ada daughter hahaha

  7. 'kakak ipaq' tantikkkk. haha :D
    btw kak yah, i watched in youtube that tyra banks make up tips, it was awesome, seriously. suka lah sukaa (:
    nak kena try jugak lah nih..

  8. haaaa....akhbar kawen tak jemput mua cukup

  9. org kalu dah comel, tak mekap pun takpe.. tapi bila dah mekap ni.. automatis dia jadi extra comel..hehehe.. slamat hari raya aidil fitri, maaf zahir batin ye.. (^_~)v

  10. fatihah : haaa, awesome kan. cuba lah...

    anon : ooops silap. "BAKAL" adik ipaq wakakakkaka

    mrs. hakim : haha thanks! :-p selamat hari raya to u too, enjoy eating ketupat rendang di pagi raya yaaaa :-D

  11. i lokiiiike :) mmg taaantiiiiikkkkkkkk!

  12. phewwwittttt.. macam anak dara sehh



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