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He won't be satisfied with Peekaboo now!

Lately, I've been feeling too lazy and tired. I'd just loiter around, ignoring the piling housework or even fun time with my son. So just now while I was lying on the couch, this little guy came to me bringing his mum decorative bamboo stick, trying to beat me out of the couch with it! Ouch!

When I screamed to the top of my lung until all the glasses in the house cracked (drama people! drama!), he quickly scurried like a mice to put the stick back into it's proper place, hah tau takut! So since he'd been showing signs of feeling neglected, I made an attempt to play hide and seek with him.

But son, you're totally uncool, you know that?

When I hid myself in places that he couldn't seem to find, he cried, cried and cried, and then screamed "maaamaaaaa! mamaaaaa!", until I came out from my hiding place. Well, I had to come out, lest neighbors would think I was having fun beating my son to death or something. Oh yes, he screamed THAT loud!

Oh God! I'm all lembik longlai now from all sprinting I had to do while playing, I just need to lie down again. *pengsan*


  1. My son jgnkan peek-a-boo..langkah 2-3 ketul pun dia dah meh? pastu kalo buat keje kat dapur tu, kaki ni ada org gayut jer..

  2. heheh ... maybe he'll enjoy playing with arees ... when arees is in the mood he'll find u sampai dpt k ... semangat tul ...

    i got another game tat u might wanna try ... helped me loose some weight also [azura ajaq k]...

    u carry him and put him at one end of the room and lari ... he'll start to kejar u ... when he catches u [bagi chan la kan ... run slow] then tickle him

    Then u repeat it all over again ... kekekke ... best!!! when u have the energy la ... enjoy!!! ^_^

  3. apple crux : haha tak dapat tolong la camtu. memang pening la bila diorang ni gayut2 sampai takleh buat keja kan. i kalau kat dapur camtu gak la, tka kasik mak dia buat keja hehe

    papakeechee : haha..i've been playing hide and seek with him since he started walking, so far he'll manage to cari la. but when i go out kat dry yard and close the door, or hide in the toilet with door closed memang he naik hanging la coz cannot open the door kan wakakaka..

    haaa nice game. can play later hihi

  4. i selalu main gomol2 dengan my son, guling2 sambil tickle die, nak lari satu rumah tak larat wooo... sebabtu makin gemok... hahahah

  5. yaya : haha sama la. i prefer main gomol and tickle..tapi bila datang mood main la jugak kejar2, dah la budak ni lari laju penat i sprint nak semunyi dari dia haha



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