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Oh Ayam Golek!

Yesterday was a lazy day for me. I didn't feel like cooking, and I ran out of idea what to cook that will suit our taste bud that goes haywire during this fasting month. So ended up, I only made one dish and some cucur bawang. Then I asked hubby to get some ayam golek *drool* from Pasar Ramadhan as my mind couldn't stop picturing the fat chickens being grilled to perfection *drool*drool*drool*. Yeah I saw them last week at the Pasar Ramadhan and they'd been visiting me in my dreams regularly from then on.

This ayam golek was simply superb! Hubby bought quarter chicken and we savoured it for berbuka and sahur as well. So you guys in Penang, tunggu apa lagi, head up to Pasar Ramadhan Bayan Lepas to get your ayam golek!

And this is the black pepper beef I made for yesterday. I got the idea from here but modify the recipe using what's available in the fridge. It's simple - a campak-campak kinda recipe - and my hubby loved it, berselera dia makan with ayam golek.

How to make black pepper beef, cowboy style? :-p Easy!

~ Beef (boiled until soft)
~Sliced onion
~ Pounded chilies (cabai melaka and green chilies)
~Pounded garlics
~Grounded black pepper
~Soy sauce (kicap manis)
~ Sliced tomato and carrot (or other vege)
~Salt to taste

Sautee onion, and add pounded ingredients. Stir well. Throw in vege and cook for a while. Add in beef and let it fry for a while. Then put ketchup, black pepper, salt. Stir well. Ready to be served, hot!



  1. wah..mcm besa lg p pasar ramdan bayan lps..dok p bayan baru ja..nnti bleh try

  2. ayam golekkkkkkk! hahah nanti dah ada fridge and microwave boleh la try buat black pepper beef :P

  3. haslinda : erkkk, now i'm confuse, yang dekat masjid tu pasar bayan baru ka bayan lepas eh? haha

    farha : sedapppp ayam golek haha...oh bila nak ada fridge n microwave? abah sponsor ka? hehe

  4. oh golek golek ... jauh la wanna go buy ayam golek!!! nanti i plak tergolek ... huhu ...

    btw beefy looks yummy!!! ^_^

  5. papakeechee : haha..jauh tapi berbaloi baloi hihihi..haa try la the beefy ya tunjuk still kat ur parents haha

  6. abah sponsor laa :p
    kat sini tak provide, and farha nak letak dalam bilik pun!



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