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Cornflakes Yummy!

The third type of kuih raya baked in our household last week is the Honey Cornflakes. Yummy! Last Friday night I asked hubby if he wanted to join me in kuih raya making and he agreed. So we started from 11 + that night after lil one had been put to sleep, and we ended up making two batter of those. Supposedly for one batter we could've got 100 cups of cornflakes. But of course throughout the process of filling the cups, there were adegan "Satu untuk biskut, dua untuk saya. Satuu untuk biskut sepuloh untuk saya!" Haha, how to get 100 cups, you tell me!

I still have some cornflakes left, perhaps will try the choco cornflakes if i'm up to it.


  1. biskut cornflakes mmg pebret sy. grrrrr..

  2. "Satuu untuk biskut sepuloh untuk saya!" ... hua hua i can guess who did this!!! kekekeke ... funny la ... =)

  3. eis : fave tu sebab tu nak buat jugak :-D

    papakeechee : ME!!!! no one else but ME!!!!!!! ekekekkee



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