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Iftar at Our Crib

I'm still recuperating from the hectic day I had last couple of days.

As I wrote earlier, my mum came to the house on Wednesday morning so we could make kuih raya together-gether, but I also invited one of my aunty and her family to come over to the house for Iftar. That particular aunty had been wanting to come to the house since forever, but the plan had to be postponed most of the time due to technical reasons. And I saw Wednesday as the best opportunity to have them over because mum would be there to look after Irfan while I cook, and we both can make the raya cookies together.

Trust me, if you're a lazy housewife like me, you'd find it verrrrrrry tiring to multitask between baking cookies, cooking for 10 people AND cleaned up all the mess originated from cookies making and cooking, plus the mess made by your cheeky son after that. All had to be done just in time before Iftar.

I raise my white flag! Penat sangat hokeh. However I'm just thankful that my mum was there to help with the cookies, where I just made the dough and left the rest to her, to attend to my chicken rice. She molded them - all the 200 pieces - into the tiny balls waiting to be baked. Lucky for us, Irfan cooperated by going into a deep slumber for almost 4 hours!

My aunty arrived at almost 7 bringing yummylicious bubur cha cha. Yippie! Finally I was able to use the extravagant dessert bowls I got from Langkawi earlier this year. ;-) Alhamdulillah, food was sufficient and the chicken rice turned out quite well despite the sambal being a bit too spicy but still nyum nyum. I can't taste kan since I was fasting, nak agak memang tak pandai. The chicken as always, got good review from everyone. Kan Intan kan?

My brothers arrived a bit later after we've finished eating, and my eldest bro from KL came too as he had a job here in Penang. Haa dapat jugak la dia bukak puasa ngn family kan, though my dad was not around.

All in all it was an enjoyable day but very tiring. It was nice to have my relatives over once in a while, but I need a maid if I were to have everyone in the clan over. Last year when we did open house, the daily maid my mum always hired was still around and she did a great job in cleaning up after us. This year if we were to do an open house again, I will need to look for a maid who's not tied up with agency, as the agency's maid cost too much for one whole day and most of the time they can only spare 5 hours at your house.

Oh, back to the story. Right after everyone went back home at around 10pm, we shot off with hubby's friend and his family for some raya preparation. Yes, tengah malam buta hokeh. We got back home at around 12, and I still had to clean up, wash up and keep all the pinggan mangkuk back in it's place.

My day ended at around 2am that night and boy, was I glad that it finally did!


  1. huhu,penat tp berbaloi k.yah..semuanya sedap include the kuih raya too..
    ermm,nnt time raya nk ddk depan kuih mazola ja,ngeh3!!

  2. i lurve to cokk...but tk ske kemas :D
    tp once i kemas..abes smue licin...mane nearly expired buang ajek...hihiihh

  3. intan : hehe alhamdulillah. tapi lupa lak nak pack bagi bok balik, tapi ayam la dah takdak. nasi ngn sup banyak lagi hehe

    iefa : sama la. tak suka bab mengemas tapi skali kemas kosong la dapur hahahaha

  4. OMG, penat nye! u tak pressure ke cooking with ur aunts around? or they arrived after dah siap? aku kalau nak kena masak i rather takde orang around me like in-laws, relatives or friends. pressure nnt beb! own family still boleh cope lagi la (coz they've seen all sides of me kan haha)



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