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The big fat bully!

Irfan is such a big bully. A big bully yang very the chicken, coz he'll only bully those who are smaller and afraid of him. If he finds his opponent retaliate back, he'll run away and hide under the table. Haha..

Now let me show you the process of him bullying a naive young boy. First he'll sit next to the victim making an innocent face.

Then he'll pretend to want to play with him, but tengah dok gain momentum la tu to get to the next phase!

And then he won't let him get away until he's done bullying and the victim either retaliate back or end up crying! Irfan you naughty naughty boyyyy!

But, eh...why in this case the victim laughed eh? Oh Irfan, you're not scary enough la as a big fat bully!


  1. Aqil Irfan not fat ok .. he macho!! kekeke ...

    Ah ha Arees seronok di"hugged" but him ... so cute la both together ... lepak together and create havoc pun together (Alhamdulillah)... awwwwwww!!! ^_^

  2. papakeechee : ya ya machoness exudes from his every pores. ngeh ngeh ngeh. tu la comel, can play together. but part arees kena pukul tu tak suka...i malas asyik hafta reprimand this boy of mine nak enjoy 'tengok tv' pon cannot hahahaha

  3. haha irfan mcmmane nak buli org ni...muka pon innocent sangat

  4. farah : playing innocent ja tu, padahal kaki buli tau! haha



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