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The Birth Experience - Part 2

And here came the bad news...

After a few minutes speaking gibberish, the doc finally told me that my water was already a dark shade of green, which meant that the munchkin had already passed motion, and judging from the colour of the water, he pooped quite a lot! She explained on how it could be dangerous for him if he swallow it and judging from my progress, we'd still have at least 7 more hours to go before he'll finally pop out. So there's more than 50% per cent possibility that he WOULD swallow it.

Not knowing what else to do and how to react to this, I asked hubby's opinion. He said -in a defeated tone - that he didn't want me to go through the c-sect. Well, neither did I. We weren't prepared for this. And I really really have a thing against being cut open on any parts of my body. I was just too scared of, but I was feeling fuzzy too and was glad to let other people, including the gynae and the ever so nice anesthesiologist, Dr. Redzuan, to influence my decision.

Since we really couldn't decide on what to do, I called my dad and told him -tearily- on what the doctor told us. He convinced me that if it's for the best then go for it.

Then, the anesthesiologist came in and explained again in a very kind voice of the situation. I was quite soothed by his words, I guess he knew what we were feeling and I think he even saw my teary eyed when I was forced to make a tough decision regarding the life of my unborn baby.

Finally, we decided to go for the C-Sect. While the staff were preparing the OT, my dad arrived and he came up to the labor room to recite doa for me. I was in need of support and thankful for all of it that I got from everyone.

After the OT was ready, I was wheeled in and both my father and hubby followed me up to the front door of the OT. Both were smiling encouragingly at me while I was busy wiping blinking away the tears (definitely a drama queen!).

In the OT. The anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted to be awake during the surgery and I said yes. However, after he gave me a shot of something ( I still have no idea what it was) I was totally knocked out.Throughout the surgery, I woke up once or twice, thinking that I was in a space ship or something as all I could see was glaring ORANGE lights and lotsa buttons(?) on the screen-like wall.

After 45 minutes long, the munchkin was born into this world - on the same date as his abah's birth date! 19 Mac 2008. The best birthday gift ever for my hubby.

First day out into the world

The surgery went well. I vomited a couple of times after that, most probably due to the pain control shot I was given earlier. After I gained consciousness, the nurses wheeled me back to my room. My mom and auntie was quite surprised that I was grinning to my ears after the surgery. Turned out that I was still on happy-dural. Patut la happy semacam. Hehehe...

Now let's fast forward to a few hours of post surgery..

After he was cleaned up, they brought the munchkin to me. It was such joyous moment for me, but sadly I was still feeling groggy and helpless thus I couldn't breastfeed him immediately. I was sad, really. I thought to myself that I was the one who went through such hardship to bring him into this world, but everybody else were having fun holding him in their arms while I had to be content with watching him from afar. Little did I realized that I was on the verge of having what people call as the postpartum stress, or baby blues.

I stayed at the hospital for 5 days and it was a heck of the longest 5 days in my entire life. I was in pain, and I had to curb away this desire to be with my baby all the time. Day 2 saw me struggling to sit up, and walked a short distance to the toilet. It was darn painful but advisable as the longer you wait, the more painful it'd be.

Throughout my stay, hubby wasn't around that much as he had other obligations to attend to. Alhamdulillah, my mum was there almost all the time and I'm so thankful that I have a mother who really understand her daughter and didn't lectured me for being manja and a pain in the ass, when I was in pain. Instead she took care of me like no one would. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're and will always be my NO.1.

Throughout the confinement period, I was sad and depressed most of time. I think I might had that baby blues syndrome, though it was still controllable. However, I do think that the confinement period was worse than the delivery itself. I pray I won't have to go through those horrible moments ever again, lest I'd be too afraid to have a baby again.


  1. ..and then your friend came to melawat you and the baby with a gift for you too :p

  2. I was on C-sec for my boy too... Dun knw why... but I prefer C-sec... takut sakit bersalin... but C-sec pun sama lah jugak... T_T.... No way to run...;-p

  3. hng ni bg aku syahdu ja pg2 :P

  4. ayu : yessssss! been meaning to blog about the gift for me too coz lately it plays an important part in our daily life. nanti la hehe

    cath j : oh really? urs wasn't an emergency c-sect la eh? for me i'd prefer to go for normal (time tu la) but terpaksa plak c-sect. apa2 pon alhamdulillah baby and semua selamat kan :-D

    amy : hang memang la syahdu tau cerita aku dari A-Z hihihi

  5. i pon c-sect,emergency one of coz..same like u,nangis b4 masuk OT..just hold my hubby's hand..Alhamdulillah sume slamat..i kuatkn semangat jugk nk bf my lil,mmg kuar2 i trus bf dia till now..sakit tu Tuhan saje yg tau,a bit trauma nk beranak lg..haha

  6. zulaikha : wahhh alhamdulillah. i only got to bf this lil guy after 2nd or 3rd day. tu pun tak dapat nak prolong sampai sekarang. ur one lucky mama :-D hah, trauma tu dikongsi bersama hehehe

  7. cool ...same besday as bapak nya !
    hurm..i pun depressed sgt2 during confinement.sib baik tak meroyan.dah lah pantang sendiri sendiri..hubby lah yg dok jg i.sedih kan..mak dah tadak..mak mertua pun tadak.smua sindiri2 lah..luckily i managed to get tru dat crucial moments :-)

  8. mik'yal : oh ur mil pun takdak eh? wahh respect la u! i yang ada mak ni pon still depressed tak hingat. i dun even wanna remember my confinement period, it sucks!

  9. Salam
    Saya juga pernah melalui emergency c-sec. Bukan sekali tapi DUA kali. Memang Allah sahaja yang tahu perasaannya bila Dr kata baby kita dalam keadaan yang perlu "dikeluarkan" dengan segera. Masa tu saya tak fikr apa lagi. Fikirkan baby je. Kdg2 sedih sbb fikir kenapa tak dapat bersalin normal. Tapi sesungguhnya setiap perjalanan hidup kita telah ditentukan oleh-NYA. Hanya DIA tahu yang terbaik untuk kita

  10. hayatizain : ya setuju. wah 2 kali ya, hmmm. people kept on blaming me and implying that i ni takut bersalin normal sbb tu nak ceasar, while in truth i was more concern about my baby, MY BABY yang ngandungkan selama 9 bulan. tak sanggup la mengandung 9 months and put his life in jeopardy just because i refuse to go through c-sect kan.

    apa2 pon, God knows best.



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