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Smell the roses, enjoy the rainbow

Long time ago, I used to have a bad case of mood swings. One day everything seemed to be beautiful and dandy. I walked with a spring in my step, stopped to smell the roses and appreciate the coolness and beauty each droplets of rain brought. When that happened, I went about and had good laugh with those beautiful people all around me. Then suddenly, the next day everything seemed to go wrong. The roses withered and the rain, instead of bringing joy and beauty into my life, haltered my steps. People seemed to do things that offended me, and the whole world suddenly turned their back on me. I hated those terrible, terrible mood swings. Oh boy! Was I glad that it didn't visit me for such a long time.

However, now it's back in my life. Why can't it just leave me alone? It should know that it had never been welcomed in my life, and nothing had change since then. It is still not welcome.

I crave for a beautiful life. A life where I won't curse the rain for disrupting my plan, instead I would see them as a mean for the beautiful rainbow to materialize after the rain stop. Is it too much to ask for?

Sigh...what can I say people? I am one defeated woman.


  1. as for me, the saki baki from teen angst still wrecks my emotional state.

  2. Oh -- I so remember that 'old' mood swings time..;) You seem much calmer and happier now.. What happened la ?? Anything I can help with ??

  3. raggedyanne : haa anne, me too dear me too. teenage crisi tak sudah2 lagi hehe

    yong : ehehe nothing la just been missing my single days with no responsibility as huge as this. hehe...thanks anyway ;-)



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