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I know I'm cool, with a capital C.

I would like to think of myself as a cool sister. Heck, I KNOW I'm a drama-cool sister. If not, why would all my brothers' girlfriends (oh yes! u too Emi, you can't deny it) had always wanted to befriend me. Gotta be for the fact that I'm cool, no? Hehehe..

To the one concerned, thanks for following my blog. Tapi jangan la follow saja, sila2 la klik kat nuffnang ads and google adsense tu ya untuk tambahkan pendapatan bakal kakak ipar awak. ;-p

P/s : Siap la the brother after this! *evil laugh*


  1. hi drama mama,that roti john do look hot for grab..sure superlicious haaa..wahh you must be realy cool ya as all your brother's girlfriends want to be in your list:)you will look cool and superb too when you wear that cool bangle you got with jeans and white tshirt:)

  2. akak ipar cool ni..susah nk carik..hahahhaha

  3. kak yah cool, yeahhh! haha.. btw, i'm not akhbar's gf. haha :D

  4. mamatiamia : ohh..kena pegi beli white tshirt la camni. yang ada dah tak muat haha

    cikpid : haaaa memang tak senang tau nak dapat kak ipaq camni ekekeke

    fatihah : oh bukan gf ka. "just friend" eh? :-p

  5. uish. ada cousin cool ni susah jugak dok perasan. hahahaha. takpe kak yah, you're cool okay? missing youuuuu!

  6. farha : i know i am, that's why u guys slalu cari kak yah kan haha



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