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When will I get to shower?

Omg! This is just so tiring. Irfan's fever is still high. He's clingy all the way, all the time. And I can't lose my patience because if I do then he'd surely cry and who knows when he might stop. He'd been vomiting out his fever medicine, it's such a struggle every time we need to feed him the meds. However I managed to make him force them down his throat once this morning.

I'm feeling cranky becoz most of last night was spent half awake sponging and comforting the little guy. I still haven't shower, panas gilaaa okeh, only had a cup of coffee so that makes me hungry like a pig horse and I only managed to fry some chickens and cook plain rice for hubby as he's coming back for a while to drop off the lens filter for the thermometer. I can't even cook him a proper lunch, pity him. Irfan on the other hand won't eat anything except french fries and milk. Jadi lah, as long as he's taking fluids kan.

Please God, give me strength and patience to go through this.

* We want to get him the fever med yang insert through the anus, but I'm not sure of the dosage. Sigh..he really can't take his fever syrup, asyik muntah keluar.


  1. huhu mmg kena byk bersabar..

  2. farah : yes, setakat ni masih berjaya bersabar... sigh..

  3. salam,
    saya memang stand by panadol yang insert through anus tu.. 4 jam sekali.. tapi, biasanya lepas masukkan tu, cepat kebah...

    ish, memang risau kan bila anak demam.. lebih2 lagi tengah wabak ni... semoga cepat sembuh..

  4. oh, bole beli di farmasi jek eh? dosage camna? perlu refer paed dulu ka?

    memang sangat risau, lagi2 demam this time susah sangat nak kebah. thanks for the wish though. :-D

  5. hi, regarding ur req. will conside if u stay in penang...

  6. hi bai, samala pulak.. zahra pun demam.. get well soon irfan :-)

  7. EVERTHING2LETGO : okie, thanks. will think about it :-)

    neeza : oh ya, memang musim demam ni. rata2 budak demam.



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