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Pancake oh Pancake

We brought Irfan to his paed, he has quite a high fever, 39.5! Yikes! I'm determine to tidur-tidur ayam tonight and sponge him as often as possible. Praying the fever will subside a.s.a.p.

Since it was already late when we got back home, it was decided that we should eat out tonight. Destination of choice was Bangkok Tomyam, somewhere in Bayan Lepas. And since I was fasting, syaitan gluttony took control as always. I felt like eating so many things, and ended up ordering plain rice with Siakap fish (Ikan Siakap 3 Rasa), the fish was humongous! and Chili Prawns aaaand quite a big portion of Kailan Ikan Masin. Not forgetting the delicious watermelon juice. Of course I would've ordered some satay if hubby didn't stop me. *Greedy, am I not?* Hubby had some fried mee hoon and that was it.

Hubby warned me, if I didn't finish whatever there were on the table I will have to pay for the dinner and soooo I worked hard to gobbled them all up, albeit slowly. I wouldn't mind paying for the plain rice so I didn't finish them, but I ate up the whole humongous fish all by myself! It was real tasty, the fish. I've always like the fish dishes they serve there. The prawn was okie, but I've had better elsewhere.

And then just now after much rest, I felt like having a late night supper pulak so I made us some pancakes!!

Pandan pancakes yang hangit garing but oh so yummy!

So tell me, bila gemuk nak salahkan sapa? :-p


  1. bila dah gemuk salahkan mulut la,kweng3!
    uihh,makan kat bangkok tomyam..urmm,dah lama xp sana since benti keja kat kargo dulu..

    so,irfan cmna sekarang? dh okie?

  2. intan : bila gemuk salahkan suami, sebab suami yang belanja makan. wakakaka

    haaa bangkok tomyam, skali skala makan sana best jugak. hehe

    irfan still unwell, fever dok 39 degrees jugak. dia dok muntah balik bila makan ubat. sigh...

  3. siaan irfan.. ur Mak told me that he's not well.. Hope he's better now..



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